We NEED Who They HATE!

Sarah Palin took to the American highways in a part bus tour, part motorcycle ride, to remind people of the greatness of America, and Americans, this Memorial Day.

She is bringing her message into Washington DC., New England and New Hampshire, areas already proven to be virulently opposed to her and her brand of Conservative American idealism.

Over the past two years, the left has repeatedly shown, by their incessant attacks, who it is they fear the most. They reserve their most outrageous, disgustingly biased and immoral attacks for this woman and her family. ESPECIALLY her family!

Every time she holds her child, she is a threat to the racist Planned Parenthood attempts to wipe out the black population in this country

The outright hatred for Sarah Palin, which springs from her not having killed the child they hate and denigrate on a daily basis, is telling. They may claim they hate her because she is ignorant. That lie is no longer operative to even a semi-literate liberal. Every time they go down that path, her record, and all of the newly elected Representatives, (and newly defeated, RINO’s and DEMS), prove them not only wrong, but purposely ignorant of the facts.

Her record of accomplishments, in energy policy and politics, belies their claims. That she is far and away more gifted and successful in the issues of business, politics and energy than the current occupant of the White House, drives them to distraction. They don’t want her on the same stage, in a debate, with the anti-Capitalist, abort-every-child-possible, (and if they survive, murder them), anti-Constitution Teleprompter-in-Chief! The contrast in who wants the best for, and believes the best of, America, is something they can’t afford to let us see.

That is why they hate and fear her so!

As long as she is just one of the background players, they can sling their lies and propaganda with impunity. As soon as she gets out in front, the facts of who and what she is and has accomplished drown out the feeble attempts to diminish this great patriot.

The progressive left and their willing acolytes in the media are about to show us why we need this woman. We have seen, over the past 40 years, the damage to Capitalism and personal beliefs and freedoms these anti-Americans have wrought, the power they have accumulated through legislation and regulation.

Every time Sarah Palin opens her mouth to speak the truth of Americas greatness and unique position in the world of energy production, and the fact that America has more oil than the rest of the world,  is a threat to their corrupt, failed, government-subsidized-or-they-can’t-exist green policies.

I don’t know for sure if she’s running, but as long as she is out there drawing the lightning from the left, with grace, humor and the confidence that comes with knowing you are right, I’m in her corner.

Run, Sarah, Run! They are going to try to destroy you either way, so go get ’em, Sarah!


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  2. Ron Reale / Post Author

    ” Bush and Cheney, who think they really did something good, by making incompetence a high art. ”
    After Clintons corruption and mistakes caused 9/11, Bush and Cheney kept America safe from more attacks on America for 8 years. How many terrorist attacks have occurred on American soil, since obama got elected? 6, 7? How many soldiers, in America, have been killed be terrorists, since obama got elected? About twenty or so? Bush and Cheney were highly competent, you just can’t stand that they were competent stopping your fellow America-haters.

  3. Charlie Griebel /

    Interesting to note the comments. nearly all positive, s few quibblers, and some in the same river (the Nile) as Bush and Cheney, who think they really did something good, by making incompetence a high art. We need good, high quality government.

  4. Nick Shaw /

    True that, though I like to keep one wheel up occasionally and, at my age on a Harley, that is pretty stupid!
    Regarding Texas, I suggested that Zero’s action in Libya could be likened to Mexico imposing a no fly zone over Texas when Slick Willy went after his “rebels” in Waco.
    “Suppose a terrorist group called la raza”, indeed! LOL!

  5. Ron Reale / Post Author

    There is a remote possibility, I mean like, way out past the ex-planet Pluto, on a comet in a far away, unknown corner, remote-type chance I might, just might, maybe, have gotten a little hyperbolic. Maybe. Just a chance. It’s possible!
    Thanks for the comments, I’ll file you under “That Other Canadian”.
    Don’t be a stranger to the site. It don’t cost nothin’, and it don’t make me a dime, (kinda like everything else in my life).
    Be well, and remember, we only have two wheels, lets try and keep ’em both on the ground, ay.

  6. Nick Shaw /

    Well, Ron, I came, I read, and I like. We are, in fact of one mind, particularly in regard to the Texas piece. If you read my comment stream you would realize I have the same problem with the American political machine as you do. I make the same comments about the Canadian political machine over at NewsRealBlog where the dumbassedness of Canadian politics comes up often in blogs. At The Bigs, criticisim of Canadian politics doesn’t come up much.
    But, just as I, a former Canadian and even if I was a current Canadian, would not even suggest boycotting America or not accepting American passports,because of the stupidity of their leadership (giving billions to terrorists indirectly and directly and I can see you are astute enough to know this is true and Zero actually slapping down Israel)
    I find it odd that you would attack Canadians, in general, instead of Canada’s government. Sure, there’s a lot more liberal thinking, which grates on me too but, Canada has never had a conservative voice in the media to speak out for our kind. Maybe, when Sun Corp. gets their TV stations up and running, Hoser Fox, you will see a big change. In general, Canadians have seen the folly of socialism and are pushing back. Witness the recent election giving Harper (the most conservative leader) a majority. Finally, your comment at The Bigs just seemed to be a direct attack on Canadians without any thought of American transgressions in the same area and, without reading your blog or comment streams, it sounded like, “Hey, we Americans don’t support terrorism! Damn those slimey Canadians! Kill them all!”, when everybody with half a brain knows the American administration does support terrorism, even domestic! So, it kinda’ got my hackles up!
    Sorry for jumping to a conclusion! Ride on, brother!

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