Has A Crime Been Publicly Reported; Or, Is Weiners Weiner Still Mrs. Weiners?

Has A Crime Been Publicly Reported; Or, Is Weiners Weiner Still Mrs. Weiners?

I was wondering about something. Come along, this may be fun!

If someone assaults, or takes a shot, or, God forbid, kills an elected official, we have special laws and rules to make sure they are not just caught and punished, but punished over and above the penalties levied against someone for doing the same against a non-elected person.
While on the one hand, this is done as a deterrent to others, it is really done to keep people from using violence or intimidation to effect an election or our political system as a whole.

The elected official in such a case has no say in whether or not to find and charge the perpetrator, nor how they are to be punished. The attack was not against them, it was against all of us, an attempt to disenfranchise voters and rob them of their elected voice.
That being said, let us also consider all the damage that can be done with the various electronic devices. How many tweets, emails or texts to pages, girlfriends or boyfriends have ruined political careers to date?

A technological attack can have precisely the same affect on the civil-rights of millions of voters. A scandal growing from a “hack” can destroy a career overnight, and silence the representative voice of many.

Anthony Weiner has claimed he was “hacked”. That is a crime, and not his choice whether to prosecute. He then claimed it was a “hack prank”, not worthy of being made a “federal offense”.

Hey, you over there in the grey underwear with the stiffy, pay attention:


You reported it to the public, repeatedly. Or are you NixClintoning? (It means lying to the face of the American public).

Somebody call the FBI and tell them to stop covering up for this:

A) Lying Pervert, or

B) Innocent Victim,

and follow up on the publicly reported assault against our citizens voice and our Democratic system of Representative government.

We need to know if other politicians are in danger, or if…

Weiners Weiner is still MRS. Weiners!

Gosh, that felt good, was it good for you?

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  1. Ron Reale / Post Author

    Yes, he did. And it happened years ago, had already been discussed and forgiven by his wife, and when it did eventually become public, he did not attack innocent people to destroy them with false accusations, did not bring the press into his office and lie to them, and did not lie to the leadership of his party, but instead chose to admit his failings and ask forgiveness. As it occurred so long ago, and his wife forgave him, and he accepted responsibility, his constituents felt he deserved another chance.
    But Weiner-kissers like you don’t want to talk about the facts, or truth, just attack others for the perverted actions of your transvestite hero. BTW, Vitter also did not force himself on underage women, or approach them without their permission. Weiner sent his weiner to unsuspecting women, then asked them to lie about it.
    You probably won’t see any distinction in that, either; it’s hard to see around his thighs from your position.

  2. kays jewelers /


  3. Nick Shaw /

    LOL! Delightfully so!

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