obama’s Policy Working, Syrians Attacking Israel For Him

obama’s Policy Working, Syrians Attacking Israel For Him

In what may lead to Israel finally ridding itself of the human debris constantly threatening to push her into the sea, waves of terrorists, taking obamas recent remarks as permission, tried to overrun the Israeli border, and were thankfully pushed back.

The only bad news is, they stopped before Israel was able to kill more than 20 or so of the terrorists. Where is the great muslim suicide mentality when you really need it? Israel was offering all takers 72 virgins, yet the muslim cowards turned tail to continue to survive to breath and terrorize another day.

The head Iranian puppet in Syria, Basher al-Assad, sent the terrorists to get as many killed as possible, to see if Israel could reach his own numbers when it comes to killing his citizens. Knowing that obama is on his side, he was hoping that would get his own atrocious behavior out of the international spotlight.

I’m hoping that this will lead to the death of any so-called “peace talks”. They are, and have been, nothing but a lie for 40 years.

Netanyahu was absolutely correct in his lecture of the muslim appeaser obama. Israel has no intention, nor should there be any expectation on their part by others, of giving up their land, country, sovereignty or lives to the terrorists, either here in the White House, or surrounding her in the middle east.

Our illegal attack on Libya with this new, unconstitutional, “obligation to protect,” was just the precurser to obama joining in an attack on Israel in the name of the Jordanians living in Gaza and the West Bank come September, when the UN tries to declare a terrorist state next door to them.

What we are witnessing is an American President, using a position that once commanded respect and symbolized freedom and democracy, being turned into a presidential muslim rubber stamp.

Fortunately, Netanyahu has more balls than obama has recently seen, or will ever possess.

obamas world view, gleaned at the knee of his friends Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dorhn, Louis Farrakhan, his father(s), and his beloved pedophile mentor Frank Marshall Davis, did not envision dealing with anyone like Netanyahu.

obama  can keep signaling his friends the road is clear to Jerusalem, but Netanyahu will show them it is a toll road, a heavily tolled road!



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  1. Masako Panell /

    At last someone on here that knows the truth but I am afraid your words will fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. Truth is sometimes to frightening to face and this truth is beyond frightening. The group working for the One World Power has both parties in hand and pulls all the strings. They want us to fight among ourselves so we will not unite and fight back. Until they do all the right research which is easy to find they will continue to party bash and will wake up soon and find us bonded with Mexico and Canada with a one world currency. By that time it might be to late to do anything but hope that slavery is not to bad after all.

  2. Ron Reale / Post Author

    Thanks, it’s just a matter of respect, or the lack thereof. Please feel free to check out other articles, I appreciate the feedback, pro or con.

  3. Brent James /

    I love the small “o” as you have executed in the
    obama name. Made me laugh. Good writing, good

  4. Ron Reale / Post Author

    Thank you for your support. We are watching an American president destroy our allies and work feverishly to bring about a world-wide muslim caliphate. The only thing we can thank him for is waking people up to the evil of the middle east, and the terrorist puppets in our midst, (and White House).
    Feel free to repost anything from my site, I will stand behind my work, anywhere!
    Please enjoy my other blogs, I look forward to comments, pro or con.
    Be well,
    Ron Reale

  5. Ed G /

    This was such a good article about how O’bama (O’bama is still searching for his missing apostrophe) is using his presidency to empower the surrounding “hate the Jews” countries to help them take Jerusalem and push the Israelies into the Mediterranean Sea. Thank Goodness, Netanyahu is powered by the One who gave the Jews the holy land, first recorded real estate agreement in history, in the first place. I would hope this article could be posted on World Net Daily, Drudgereport, and Watch.org.

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