The New Amendments (I can dream, can’t I?)

Posted by realetybytes on Saturday, April 26, 2008 5:10:48 PM

Over the past few years, the Supreme Court and Congress have behaved in such a breathtakingly arrogant way that it has become necessary for a redefinition of terms and meanings, (original intent, if you will), to keep such bastardization of our Constitution from happening again.
WE THE PEOPLE hereby define and amend, as such:
1) The job of the Supreme Court shall be to base all decisions on matters before them on their interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. Any Supreme Court decision not based on cited passages of the Constitution (and/or the Federalist Papers in a search for original intent), shall not be considered a basis of American law. Any Supreme Court Justice insisting on wasting the time of the court with foreign law references shall be open to impeachment and removal from the Court.
2) The Supreme Court has no standing in Foreign Treaties or the interpretation thereof. That is the sole perogotive of the President (Executive branch negotiates) and the Congress (Legislative branch ratifies). When the Supremes can find American Civil Rights for terrorists in the Geneva Convention, which clearly states that terrorists out of uniform and fighting and hiding amongst any civilian population should be immediatly executed, they, (the Supremes), become more dangerous to us than the terrorists.
(2012 EDITORS NOTE: This is technically incorrect. As no terrorist organizations are signatories to the Geneva Conventions, any country is free to protect themselves from non-uniformed fighters amongst their civilian populations in any manner they see fit. Sorry for the Mistake. RR)
3) The Declaration of Independence did not free the world and bestow upon it  American Rights. WE THE PEOPLE meant the citizens of this new country. Anyone that thinks our forefathers were for open borders, or bestowing citizenship on anyone who got here has never read their writings. All men are created equal was a statement meant to define American values. In our country, we believe all men are created equal. Obviously, even the British, who originally brought slavery to the Americas, with their system of Lords and such, did not believe this. When we broke with the British, our Declaration did not bring equality to the world, just the people, (citizens), of a new country, America. It may not have been a perfect system, we had to endure slavery for the first 79 years of our existence, but the framework was laid to create, ” a more perfect union”, and we lost 500,000 citizens in the civil war standing up for that principle. Just climbing a fence or otherwise breaking into this country does not a citizen make. No person has American civil rights but the citizens of this country.
Human rights, yes. No one can be abused because they are not citizens, but they sure can be thrown in jail and well fed until they are thrown out of the country.
4) Automatic citizenship shall be granted all children born to citizens whether in this country or traveling, and people who are here legally waiting for their application process to be a citizen to conclude. Should the parents for some reason be ineligible for citizenship, the childs citizenship shall be stripped.
5) Except in the case of severe emergency or imminent death, no non-citizen has any right to Government funded health care or any other services, except in cases where we have reciprocal deals with a Government to treat their citizens as they treat ours, or some arrangement has been made to bill the foreignors Government.
6) If and when a judge finds a law deficient, the judges job is done. They may not put a remedy in its place. The law must go back to the legislature to be corrected. No suggestions from the court shall be entertained, as they are not our representatives, and it would be a breach of ethics for them to overstep their bounds and take the authority granted elected representatives.
7) Private property being the underpinning of our capitalist system, the use of Emminent Domain to take a persons property and give it to a private or commercial entitiy to raise more taxes is reprehensible. That is bribery. (Psst, hey judge, get me that property and I’ll pay your boss more money than that poor, hard working citizen can!) That is disgusting, and every case that has been granted should be immediatly reversed, by Executive Order, if neccessary.
8) Every able American has the right to bear arms. Our right to defend ourselves against any person or Government that seeks to harm us is absolute. This has nothing to do with hunting.
9) If a convict kills someone and is not found insane, then it is not cruel or unusual to kill them in the same manner they killed their victims, because upon conviction, all civil rights are stripped, and they are property of the government. Whether they feel pain or not at the time of death is irrelevant.
10) The U.S. Census shall consist of one question- How many people live in your house? Every other question fosters discrimination and is used to divide Americans.

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  6. admin / Post Author

    BTW, one more thing, I just gotta ask, about ,”I also expect my right to be honored, as to be Free from Religion… ”
    I love that, I really do. Some day, if you ever actually READ the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights, or the Declaration of Independence, point out that “free from religion” part, I seem to have missed that.

  7. admin / Post Author

    If I don’t have the right to force my religion on you, (and I don’t), why do you think you have the right to stop me from a voluntary moment of silence anywhere I feel like doing it? It does not hurt you, infringe on your rights in any way. And when are you going to throw all the muslims out of the country, because the religion we are forced to let them practice demands they DO force us, upon threat of death, to practice their religion? Why not start your complaints with them, I think their religious practices do you more harm then my moment of silence. Or are you worried your head would be gone, and you would no longer be able to control others beliefs, forcing you to realize the impotence of your life…maybe…

  8. funky monkey incense /

    Why is this so hard?? First of all, no one has the right to force religion on me, and I have no right to tell you that you cannot practice.. However, those who think that praying in public schools, should be allowed, is wrong.. You are forcing students to be subjected to religion, possibly against their parents wishes.. Public schools do not need to be religious, that is what religious schools are for… If you are so hung up on religious, pay the tuition, and send your children to that school.. My parents did… As much as I respect the 1st Amendment and the Right of Freedom of Religion, I also expect my right to be honored, as to be Free from Religion… Too many think it is ok to demand this country, and it’s laws, be based on faiths, and that is clearly against our Constitution and Bill of Rights… Our laws are not based on a person’s faith, for those who can’t grasp why abortion is legal…

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