Main Stream Media NOT The Voice Of The GOP!

So the Main Stream Media has decided an anti-gun, pro-choice politician, a  “comprehensive” border policy supporter who will not jail owners that hire illegals, a man that believes in Man-made global warming, practices what to some is a “strange” religion, wants gays in the Boy Scouts and the military, who thinks muslims can be convinced to change to democracy without the military, and wants the government to mandate citizens to purchase health care, is acceptable Presidential material.

I’m not talking about the current President they love so much, barack hussein obama. No, I’m speaking about their newest crush, Mitt Romney.

They are bending over backwards to keep Romney the front-runner, the “obvious” choice for the GOP, because he is almost obama. The media needs to ensure that whoever the GOP nominates be a pale comparison of what we have now, so they can claim, (after Romney gets the nod), “why vote for him, when obama is giving you all that and more!”

Once again, the GOP is relegated to putting up the “next in line”. It didn’t work for Dole; they tried again with obamas mini-me, McCain, and it would’ve been an obama landslide had McCain not picked Palin for VP. The only reason the election was as close as it was, was because people, me included, held their noses and voted McCain, figuring, (never hoping, that is too much), he’d die before he did as much damage as obama, or he himself wanted, and a Conservative would become President.

The only way the MSM can cover for the current embarrassment is to ensure that whoever the GOP puts up, there is little or no contrast with him.

The scenario they fear the most, and are struggling to avoid, is someone like Cain, Bachmann, Palin, or their REAL fear, Rick Perry, standing on the stage with obama, contrasting their Pro-America ideals with his America-needs-to-apologize-for-existing-mentality.

Neither obama, nor any of his advisors, know anything of the real world. They are theoreticians, academics who have never held a job, nor created a job, nor run a business. Herman Cain alone has more business experience than all of the obama administration officials put together! The stark contrast between a pro-business, pro-growth, America first candidate, and what we have now, would be striking. The MSM’s job is to keep that contrast from the public eye.

obama wants abortion on demand, all unwanted children dead, and if they survive the first attempt to kill them in the womb, murder them in the hospital.

Bachmann has 23 foster children, a fact I was ignorant of until just recently.

Yeah, that’s a debate they want to see! (NOT!)

I have been watching the continued attacks on Rick Perry, (GASP, he asked people to PRAY with him!), trying to ensure a discomfort level to keep him out of the race.

I could see Perry running, Palin supporting him to the nomination, and Mark Rubio for VP.


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  1. Wnddll /

    “I could see Perry running, Palin supporting him to the nomination, and Mark Rubio for VP.”

    Only problem with your statement is that Rubio isn’t a natural born citizen and can’t run for president or vice-president. Neither of his parents were citizens at the time of his birth. That is, unless you think that part of the constitution is obsolete and should be ignored like the liberals do.

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