Corrupt Customs Agents Hurt American Economy, Image Abroad

I’d like to tell you a story of our all important “image” in the world, and how condoned, ingrained Government corruption of the same sort as “Operation Gunrunner”, but by Customs agents instead of the ATF, has a detrimental effect on both our image and economy.

During my years with my “better half”, many of her friends have become close ¬†personal friends of mine. This is especially true about her two best friends, lets call them “Mary” and “Jane”.

“Mary” and “Jane” came to America a couple of times a year, each bringing a few thousand dollars with them to buy clothes, visit family and friends, and return to Colombia. They cost us nothing to be here, but left money in our economy, and spread their personal praise of America wherever they went. Being law-abiding travelers, they were always cognizant of the restrictions on how much cash can be brought into the country.

A couple of years ago, they were victimized by lying, corrupt American customs agents, who “confiscated”, (stole) their money, and through lies and perjured testimony, have kept one of these fine woman from being allowed to return to America to see family and friends.¬†It was an easy “bust” for them. They just took “Mary’s” money, gave it to “Jane”, then arrested “Jane” because she had too much money! BONANZA! Confiscated money and another one of those pesky foreigners kept out!

Way to go corrupt Customs agents, your mother’s must be sooo proud!

Me, I think you’re a disgrace to the country, and should be stripped of your citizenship and expatriated to Venezuala or Iran.

I can’t speak to the cause of their corruption, or why they decided to pick on a middle aged woman, who has never broken any laws in her many trips to America, who has always loved America and spoken of her in the most glowing of terms, and who has extended family and friends here in America to vouch for her.

I can’t speak to why they violated their oath to uphold the law. Maybe to them it was just a case of padding their records to make them look like their doing something to justify their overpriced benefits and job for life.

Whatever reason they had, they didn’t just pad their record. They “padded” the record against America, too.

Around the world, tin-pot dictators like Chavez speak of America in less-then glowing terms, speaking of the evils of capitalism and how it kills and steals from the poor.

“Operation Gunrunner” and other blatantly corrupt, un-American actions from our government agents and agencies, do not exist in a vaccuum. They prove Chavez can be right sometimes, and we really need to do something about that.


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  1. Ron Reale / Post Author

    The “thin source” is me, personally. I find it easy to believe “anecdotal” claims when I am intimately involved.

  2. oNill /

    This is all thinly sourced and anecdotal.

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