Bill Keller, From Failed Biased Editor To Hack Biased Journalist, A Progressive Tale!

Bill Keller really does stand alone! Anyone who thought that the “arrogance of ignorance” was a trait only encompassed in our current president, hasn’t been paying attention to the N.Y. Times over the last few years.

Ever since Bill Keller took over as Editor, the paper has accelerated its anti-American left-wing trajectory. As a result, their circulation has plummeted, and advertisers have fled in droves. Once the people realized that the Times was nothing more than MSNBC in print, even the independents and moderates left the fold, and the value of the stock has collapsed. ($48.50 in ’03, $8.18 today)

Recently, in an effort to save the paper, and while still denying the paper leans left, Bill Keller was replaced as Editor. Some thought his removal would end his continued damage to the paper.

How wrong they were!

Keller now fancies himself a “journalist”, yet has again proven his absolute misunderstanding of honest journalism.  Continuing the same, “Journolist” mentality behind the destruction of the paper as a whole, Kellers bias and self-aggrandizing narcissism is in full evidence with his latest diatribe against the greatest evil in the world…the person who, in his words, “… most journalists would recoil in horror from the idea.”…of this persons Presidency.

Oh, and because of just that reaction from journalists alone, the rest of the country should shun that person, and ignore the evidence to the contrary, (which is increasingly abundant), and deny that person a voice in our political discourse.

Because HE has decided journalists don’t like Sarah Palin!

He really doesn’t like her, and she proved she deserves the hatred of the press, because, (according to Keller):

A) She thinks Veterans deserve more credit for our freedom than “journalists”, (Palin said: “It is our vets who we owe our freedom — not the politician, not the reporter — it is our vets, so that’s why we’re here.” at the Memorial Day Ride with Veterans.) and,

B) She does not like the press.

As usual, Palin is 100% correct! While politicians can talk a good game, and might have got us close, if they were our only recourse we would still be in the British Empire, and they have never talked hostilities to an end. As to papers like the Times, who have been nothing more than communist manifesto-pushing rags for years, if they actually had any power at the time, our forefathers would have been found out and hanged before any Revolution came to pass.

As to her disliking the press, they have savaged her and her family mercilessly, and attempted to destroy her at every turn. They just spent days asking for help going through 24,000 pages of this private citizens e-mails, and spent not one minute looking into the history of whoever it claims to be currently occupying the White House.

Keller may have left the helm of the NY TIMES, but he is still guiding the progressive path of hatred and lies against successful Americans with whom he disagrees.


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  1. Ron Reale / Post Author

    Do you know how to read? Have you ever read, or had read to you, ANYTHING I have written? Do you know the difference between conservative and liberal? What have you ever seen of mine, that you would think I am a liberal? Every time you write something you prove you have the intellectual depth and of a fart. Do you get paid when someone responds to your insanity? Is your reputation worth the nickel?
    NY is just another reason why we need a constitutional amendment defining marraige, and the issue should be decided by the voters, not corrupt legislatures or men in robes.
    I’ll not answer your, (hopefully purposeful, I hate to think anyone is really as stupid as you are trying to prove yourself), ignorant, misinformed posts again.
    Get help,

  2. ONill /

    insult me all you want liberal slime

    Bachmann will wipe the floor with your Obama next year then we’ll see who laughing

  3. Ron Reale / Post Author

    Your “arrogance of ignorance” is showing, tool. Didn’t mommy teach you to respect your betters, which in your case would be everyone above the first grade? When you are old enough to read and comprehend English, look up Samuel Clemens, (Mark Twain), who once said, “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.”
    Congratulations, we are all doubtless, now.

  4. Ron Reale / Post Author

    Obviously the ignorant rectal aperture that wrote this didn’t have his mother handy to read it to him, so he wasn’t able to understand the plain English it is written in. Isn’t it sad that such ignorance still exists in our grade-schoolers?

  5. oNill /

    Like we really need another libreral blogger online! GO AWAY “Ron”!

  6. oNill /

    New York Times Sucks it is A Liberal rag. You idiot!@

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