Is There Time To Save America?

I have to ask, just looking at the recent events and news.
In a recent graduation ceremony, it matters not where it occurred, a principal felt it necessary to translate his graduation speech into Spanish, so his graduating class could understand it. REALLY?
Assuming America is still a viable country, dependent on Capitalism as an economic system, does anyone think it is a good idea to be graduating students that can’t communicate in ENGLISH? Have they not just wasted their time, and the money of the citizenry, actively assisting immigrants, (legal or illegal), for four years, to avoid learning the one thing that can help them live and work anywhere in this country? Are they not now relegated to living in anti-American enclaves, continuing to split this country apart? Have the students not been relegated to low-income jobs, (if any jobs, at all), because they can’t speak the language of the United States and the preponderance of the business therein?
Than, there are the great American citizens of Eugene, Oregon, who should just change the name of their America-hating town to something more fitting, like “New Moscow.”
The Mayor and city councilpeople reached to the depths of hatred for their country, and decided the Pledge of Allegiance will not be said before council meetings, or will be limited to four times a year, (to appease the remaining few Americans, yet to be denounced and replaced with true Moscovites).
Their reasoning? The pledge is analogous to the Communist Manifesto, claimed one great patriot! Another won’t say it because she is “a citizen of the world”, (I’m waiting for her to give up her American citizenship officially, and register as a foreign agent, like foreign lobbyists are required to do).
Our public schools have done a splendid job, exactly what their communist overseers demand. Kruschev would be proud! He stood in the UN, pounded his shoe on the podium, and declared, “we will bury you!”
He went on to say how they would do it. Through instigating our minorities against us, and through flooding America-hating Marxists into our school systems, and indoctrinating our children against America. Can anyone claim he lied? (BTW, this is only one video missing from years of tapes at the UN video vault).
We have allowed traitorous men to stand as senators, from Soviet enablers and accomplices like Teddy Kennedy actively conspiring against America,
to the disgracful liar John Kerry, whose unsanctioned meetings with the North Vietnamese earned their praise, and assisted their war against America.
Illinois has proven, time and again, that we have no men of honor. Corruption at the highest levels has brought down four governors for the sleaziest of reasons, and left America at the hands of a terrorist friendly, Constitution hating and ignoring, criminal in the White House.
Unfortunately, I could go on.
America and Capitalism need men of Honor to survive. Progressive enemies of America are entrenched in our system.
Is there time to save America?

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  2. Earleen Hinchcliff /

    The opportunity here doesnt get bigger, the biggest of our lifetimes. We wont get an opportunity like this again to save America. Its all or nothing the Exponential Curve of Fascist Unconstitutionality leaves us no choice.

  3. Nick Shaw /

    Some people are dickwads on any level, Ron. And Onill appears to fit the mold.
    Good piece. Is that piece of tape really missing? Do you actually remember what Kman said? Is there any reference to that part of the speech remaining? ‘Cause it would certainly make a great “Exibit A” for the case against progressivism in our schools!

  4. oNill /

    lol go back to writing x-files fan-fiction or whatever you did before you declared yourself a political analyst

  5. Ron Reale / Post Author

    My God, what an ass you are!

  6. oNill /

    i don’t need lectures from a registered democrat, which i assume you are

  7. Ron Reale / Post Author

    LOL all you want, troll! You pick one out 6 links to complain about, (ignoring the multiple Breitbart links, or the freerepublic links). The Hufpo link is accurate, isn’t it? It is a news report on the 4 past Illinois Governors being jailed for assorted corruption. It is factual, it is not an opinion piece. Every time you get someone to let you sit on their knee and help you spell the big words, you still make a fool of yourself. I could have “trashed” your message and ignored you, but you seem so proud of your ignorance, I feel you deserve the credit. Enjoy basking in it, you seem to have worked hard to reach such a level of stupidity, it just must be acknowledged. I do research from all over the spectrum, I do not confine myself to sites approved by you. You see, unlike you, I have the ability to tell the difference between NEWS and OPINION.

  8. oNill /

    huffington post???? yeah you’re a real conservative aren’t you!!! LOL!

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