Will Biden Be Benched For Hillary?

Is Hillary about to be drafted?
obama is spiraling into the inevitability of a one-term presidency.
His policies of appeasement around the world have caused the overthrow of the only middle-east regimes that either recognized Israel, or leaned just far enough toward the west that they could be counted on in tough times. The middle-east doesn’t reward weakness, and consider “negotiations” a victory for them, because their demands can never be met, if their negotiating partner still has room to exist.
His destructive economic policies have led to government-created or subsidized jobs, which, according to the Weekly Standard, cost the taxpayer $278,000 each.
His energy policy, to shut  energy and coal companies and make costs, “necessarily skyrocket,” is the only thing working as he promised. Gas is 100% more expensive since he became president, and coal companies are under attack.
His raping of the financial system of this country, his collusion with the corrupt Federal Reserve, the Billions he has stolen from the taxpayers for secret payments to foreign banks, have helped destroy and keep down a now-struggling economy.
The Democrat party will be able to run on having the most “failed catastrophicly ignorant and dangerous policies.”  Not a category soon to be rewarded by the majority of the American populace.
So, under the heading of,  “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull$hit,” are we about to see a reshuffling of the ticket?
Face it, Joe Biden brings nothing, zip, zero, nada to this ticket. Unless you count ridicule. Biden is the only person in the White House that manages to say more ignorant things than obama. (I think Biden knows what year it is, and how many States are in the Union…I think…) Even after obama announces his amnesty position to get the hispanic vote, he can’t win with his current demographics.
obama and the dems have nothing going for them, but…THE BILL and HILLARY Show!
Hillary would energize a lot of women, who would figure with Hillary as VP now, she’s the next President after obama. Many independents that were ready to support her last time would conceivably come home. Bill and Hillary are respected, on a “Rock Star” basis, both here in America and abroad. I do not agree with anything she says, but she still has a loyal base that would run to support her.
Remember, the muslims are in revolt all around the world because of the weakness in the White House. Hillary would bring two things to the White House that are currently “conspicuous in their absence”:
1) Memories of an economic policy that wasn’t self-destructing, and
2) Testosterone! She has more than anyone currently in the White House.
There is no past or future policy that will get obama re-elected, now might be the time for the old “razzle dazzle.”
We have a tough climb, they’re going to pull out all the stops, they won’t give up without a fight.



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  1. oNill /

    so after you issue a call to arms to your democratic allies: “We have a tough climb, they’re going to pull out all the stops, they won’t give up without a fight” you claim you really meant to say the opposite? LOL

  2. Ron Reale / Post Author

    My God, your ignorance continues to astound me, and all others reading your asinine statements!
    So, in your fantasy world, pointing out that your enemy is going to fight hard to hold their position is, “rooting for” them?
    I have told you before, you are a rectal aperture. I keep wanting to ignore your idiocies, but you come up with stupider and stupider statements which just can’t be ignored.
    The only thing my silence represents is my being temporarily stunned into silence by your inability to understand english, and you willingness to showcase your ignorance.
    Ron Reale

  3. oNill /

    your silence speaks volumes rr!

  4. oNill /

    now that you openly admit to rooting for Obama (“We have a tough climb, they’re going to pull out all the stops, they won’t give up without a fight”) i look forward to an apology.

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