Nike And Subway, Like NFL, Support Animal Cruelty and Torture…

…Let Them Eat Their Shoes And Sandwiches, And Boycott The NFL!
The NFL, Nike and Subway, in an incredibly insulting slap in the face to the 86% of Americans that own and cherish their companion animals, has gone out of its way to hire the only person they feel appropriate to promote their products, Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick.
I guess OJ Simpson wasn’t available.
I figure they want everyone that handles their products to feel just like Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick felt when he had his hands around the throat of his dog, choking the life out of it for losing a fight. As they slide their feet into the shoe, they can think of “DOGKILLER” sliding his two innocent house pets into the pit to be terrorized and ripped apart alive.
With every step of their feet hitting the ground, they can imagine feeling like “DOGKILLER” Vick did as he lifted another fight-losing dog high over his head, and slamming it into the ground repeatedly, until it was dead.
The tingle of excitement they get from wearing new Nikes must make them feel just like “DOGKILLER” felt when he was electrocuting still other dogs that lost fights for him.
As they wash their shoes, they can be just like “DOGKILLER” Vick was, as he drowned his other dog, laughing as it struggled to escape its cruel fate.
Nike is missing a big new market, “DOGKILLER” Trading Cards! Every child under 12 should receive, FREE, a pack of explicit, beautifully embossed, autographed photographs, with hand written descriptions, detailing all of the wonderful, new ways “DOGKILLER” enjoyed, (the quote of one of his friends was that, “he got off” on finding new ways), to kill his animals.
The depraved actions of this thug against animals is similar to the history of many serial killers, so of course the NFL, Subway and Nike, in a craven quest for the almighty dollar, have thrown their support behind this “DOGKILLER”.
Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick is an abomination, a piece of human excrement that deserves to be shunned. His actions are not deserving of a position of respect in the NFL, where children get to see and admire him.
Anyone that would stand next to him on the playing field is an unethical, morally challenged coward. Their paycheck is more important than their being associated with this monster.
I had one pair of Nike sandals. They are in the garbage. I will no longer eat at Subway. I will never again go to an NFL game. I hope the rest of the 86% of animal-loving Americans feel the same.
If not, we are in more trouble as a nation than we think.

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  1. Ron Reale / Post Author

    There you go again. I could not care less what your bible says. We may all deserve a second chance, and he got his when he wasn’t imprisoned for life or killed, which he richy deserves. A second chance does not mean get back everything you once had, or be put in a situation where children look up to you. I am so tired of people thinking how someones culture should allow them to do, in your words, “horrific” things. How many muslims should we allow to kill their daughters in so called “honor killings.,” because of their culture? Just let them kill one daughter? I call anyone with that feeling, which you have, that thinks because they believe in a certain religion, everyone else should live by those rules, ignorant. I stand by that. Your statements are ignorant. For someone claiming not to be a Christian, why are you throwing the bible around, like it means something here?
    Back to the culture. You are still ignoring his bare-handed torture and killing of animals. Are you saying his culture allows that, or are you just ignoring that to focus on the minor dog-fighting charges? More ignorance, decidedly willful, on your part. If his “culture” allows the bare-handed strangulation, beating, electrocution and drowning of animals, I’m for killing every member of that culture immediately, in self defense of humanity. You are so willing to ignore the acts of this thug scumbag, you should be ashamed of yourself. You bet I’m angry. I’m angry at any ignorant toady bending over backward to support him, in the name of religion, like you are so much better. If you think he deserves to be where he is, you are as evil as he is. Screw you, and both your cheeks. Another anonymous coward heard from. Why not print your name and let your friends and family see your brilliance and empathy for evil, regardless of its effects on the population in general? Congratulations, you’re the second most ignorant commentor.. Try harder, but I don’t think you’ll reach onill’s level. Think long and hard about your Karma, dude, it ain’t lookin’ real good.

  2. Tony /

    Such anger.

    Yes, you have every right to feel the way you feel, and you have every right to boycott and so forth.

    All I’m saying is that we all deserve a second chance. Vick behaved in horrific style. That can’t be argued. What can be mentioned though is the culture he was raised in. He had no idea (supposedly, anyway) the things he was doing were “wrong”. Now he does. Now he’s got Tony Dungy–a man I personally don’t care for but who by all accounts is as good and Godly a man as you can find–who’s sponsoring him, helping him, being the role model he never had. So we’ll see.

    In the meantime, certainly of course–boycott Nike, the Iggles and even the NFL if you feel it necessary.

    But one thing you shouldn’t do is call people who disagree with you ignorant. Disagreeing with you doesn’t make one ignorant. It makes people different.

    You should also brush up on your reading comprehension skills. I never said you or anyone else had to forgive evil. Or even Vick. I simply asked you a question, after all. I agreed with you he was a pile of dung, and went you one further and suggested the death penalty should he return to his dog-fighting/dog-killing ways.

    By the way–forgiveness isn’t only God’s job. According to, you know, God.
    At least if you read the Bible.

    And I never claimed to be a Christian. Read my sentence again.

    Apparently you’re not nearly as smart as you’d like to think you are.

    Oh damn…there goes that other cheek.

  3. Ron Reale / Post Author

    “So you don’t believe redemption is possible, and we shouldn’t follow Christian teachings of forgiveness?”
    Stop putting words in my mouth, and follow whatever teachings you want, you don’t speak for me.
    Forgiveness is God’s job, not mine. Mine is to defend myself and my family, and any others I can, from the evils of the world. If you have statistics showing sociopathic serial-killer behavior being cured, you go depend on that. Like pedophiles, those that kill animals for pleasure generally cannot be “cured”, and those that torture animals go on to be serial killers, not children’s trusted role models. You can trust the NFL and their ilk to protect your children from this evil, unrepentant POS. I will ring the clarion alarm for all to see and hear, as long as he and I both live, or anyone else like him. They need to be continually outed for the monsters they are, not given advertising contracts, (company has every right, I have every right to boycott), and awards.
    Fair is for sentient, feeling, caring, compassionate human beings. That leaves out thug killer punks like “michael “DOGKILLER” vick.
    BTW, the “served his time” line is ignorant. He served a sentence for gambling and dogfighting, nothing to do with his sustematic torture and cruelty to both his fighting dogs and his house pets, (the ones he fed, laughing, to his fighting dogs, according to witnesses).
    Read up on the facts of the case before you claim someone “served his time”. Read the facts and decide if you want your child looking up to him as a hero. Don’t throw you’re “Oh I’m so much better than you because I’m a Christian, and I forgive him”, crap at me.
    I deal in the real world, not your theoretical all-is-good-if-you-just-love-God fantasy. If God was so great and controlling everything, why did he let “DOGKILLER” torture his innocent creations? Why does he allow children to be beaten and tortured every day by scumbag parents?
    You forgive who you want, but don’t you dare tell me to forgive evil. Evil must be destroyed, never countenanced. Turn your own damn cheek!

  4. Tony /

    So you don’t believe redemption is possible, and we shouldn’t follow Christian teachings of forgiveness?

    I agree that DOGKILLER is a piece of human excrement, as you wrote. I’m uncomfortable not allowing someone who ‘served his time’ (as they say) and seems to have figured it out a chance at redemption, because if I deny someone redemption, what’s that say about my karma?

    Now–if he slips and falls from the redemptive path–I suggest the death penalty.
    It’s only fair.

  5. Ron Reale / Post Author

    “Bdogg says:
    July 27, 2011 at 2:33 PM (Edit)
    FINALLY someone that really gets it. Well written. Let us remember this is not someone that made a “mistake” – Michael Vick is a sociopath and you morons that support him deserve to rot in hell beside him.”

    Well stated, sir, I’m glad you concur.

  6. Ron Reale / Post Author

    “oNill says:
    July 16, 2011 at 12:47 AM (Edit)
    there you go again rr – trying to restrict the rights of private companies just like your obama

    and BY THE WAY – oj simpson is in jail”

    To oNill, whose name is obviously the answer to the question, “How many brain cells do you have?” answer, “o, Nil!)
    Where do you see my saying they don’t have the right to hire “Dogkiller” Vick?
    Once again, your illiteracy gets in the way of your comprehension.
    And congratulations on figuring out my OJ joke. Yes, he’s in jail, so he’s not available to them…see…see the humor…?
    Again, if you could understand the basic English language, you wouldn’t continually make such a fool of yourself, but I do enjoy helping you realize your obvious shortcomings.

  7. Bdogg /

    FINALLY someone that really gets it. Well written. Let us remember this is not someone that made a “mistake” – Michael Vick is a sociopath and you morons that support him deserve to rot in hell beside him.

  8. oNill /

    there you go again rr – trying to restrict the rights of private companies just like your obama

    and BY THE WAY – oj simpson is in jail

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