American Spirit Always A Winner!

Recently, my faith and optimism in America and her greatness, and her innate ability to rise above what  nature and her enemies reign upon her, was restored. Not by some vainglorious political speech meant to portray the latest narcissist as the next coming, here to rescue us all. No, this humbling reminder came from friends, one of whom I’ve known for 22 some odd years, the other a mere 2 or three years. Most of America would consider these men “rednecks,” or “good ol Florida boys.” Neither of these men has ever had anything handed to them. They have worked, against the system that tries to destroy small businessmen, for everything they have, often being pummeled and bruised by the system.

I keep a 30 old motorhome on my buddies property, for when I visit him or am in transit to our production studios in Alabama. I recently stopped in on the way back from an Alabama trip, and spent a few days working in the garage on my bike.

While I was puttering around, I noticed my friends starting to collect a bunch of throwaway metal, waiting to be scrapped, and bringing it to the garage. They were especially interested in an old mobile home outside staircase railing. When they pulled out two 24 inch bicycle tires, I had to ask what they were up to.

It seems there is a young man in this out-in-the-woods neighborhood, about 15 to 21 years old. He has a slight speech problem, and might have a learning problem, although he was very polite when I met him, and he knew tools apart. He must be homeless, or, at the least very needy. He is unwashed and goes barefoot.

My friends noticed this young man struggling by on his bicycle, pulling an old “Red Ryder Wagon” behind him, and returning with it full of cans, struggling to keep them in the wagon. They decided this stranger needed their help. They explained to me that any man fighting to work deserves as much help as can be given.

Life’s obstacles can be  overcome. Governments obstacles are forever.

They spent the next two days cutting things up, and creating a lightweight 4×4 cart, perfectly balanced, with a tailgate! When I moved it, it rolled easily, with just my pinkie guiding it. They invited the young man over, and created a goose-neck hitch for mounting their creation to the back of his bike, and away he went. He was happy and appreciative.

I have not named my friends because if the government knew, they might track down the kid and charge him a “GIFT TAX”, or some other absurdity, like we saw with the Derek Jeter baseball fiasco.  1)

These Americans didn’t wait for the government to fill this need. They saw a problem they could help with, and they acted.

That’s why I believe America will survive, regardless of how gloomy and horrific the news is on a daily basis.

The American spirit will save America.

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  1. Ron Reale / Post Author

    Hey, oNill, the baseball Jeter hit was made of materials worth much less than the metals of the cart. Doesn’t stop the IRS from making up a value much higher, does it?
    I don’t care what you see me as, from your past ignorant and purposely stupid remarks, (I still don’t believe you are as stupid as you insist, I don’t think anyone could be, I believe your abject ignorance is an act only you know the reason for), It’s hard to take you seriously. Sorry, but you made that bed.

  2. oNill /

    Hey RR the gift tax annual exclusion is at least $13,000. Since your friends made the cart out of scrap metal it’s probably worth somewhat less than that. you’re PRETTY UNINFORMED FOR A SELF-DESCRIBED “political analyst” it doesn’t help anything to exaggerate the reach of the IRS – but this is just another reason i don’t see you as an actual conservative

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