87 Was A Good Start, But Not Good Enough!

The only thing we won in the Debt Debate is a clear list of those we need to replace in Congress, as soon as possible.

Face it, our country has been working with a fraudulent credit rating for years.  All of the rating companies ignored the unrelenting growth of our government, and even helped perpetrate the fraud by keeping the rating up while they knew we were packaging worthless bank loans into “derivitives,” giving their stamp of approval to Barney Frank and Chris Dodds  expediting the collapse of the real estate market.

We came close to starting to solve our problem, but certain Republicans have got to be removed to make further progress. As soon as we can, Tom Coburn must be removed. He was ready to violate our promises to veterans, claiming billions could be saved by taking away their promised health care benefits. For that suggestion alone, he should be immediately recalled.  1) http://news.yahoo.com/american-legion-slams-veteran-unfriendly-coburn-proposal-cut-202104518.html



Mitch McConell, he of the “give my responsibility to anyone else but me” form of government, suggested giving all responsibility to a new, unconstitutional “super congress,” rather than stand his ground for what is right.



John McCain, the biggest fraud and liar in the Republican party, and the largest obstacle in the way of the Tea Party, proved once again he deserved to lose the Presidential election. It would be a close call as to who would actually have done more damage to the US, obama on his course now, or McCain and his lies. Of course, McCain supported McConnells attempts to screw Americans.


At least obama didn’t know how to keep his outrageous mendacities covered up as well as McCain, which allowed us to see how terrible he is for the country, leading to these public fights. McCain would have already given us open borders and more criminals invading America.

Every republican, every politician, who voted for this debt deal, which is another big government fraud and will cost us another 2.4 trillion dollars with nothing to show for it but the gutting of the defense department when the dems refuse to cut anything and the “trigger” is pulled, should be “primaried” and voted out. They need to be called out for the con they just pulled on the American people. They are like a roving “three-card monte” street game on a table in NYC. They just suckered us again, and now they have folded up their table and are moving on to the next suckers down the block. Unfortunately, every block they contaminate with their liberalism and theft hurts more Americans.

87  House republicans was a good start. Did they all vote “no?” If not, add them to the unemployment lines next election.

While we’re at it, we need to fire anyone claiming a problem with, “political purity.” Our government has been purely progressive for many years. We don’t want “bi-partisanship” from our representatives. We want them to stand on our American principles, and get the government out of our way.

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  1. Ron Reale / Post Author

    “I just don’t get it. We pay trillions in taxes and the debt just keeps getting higher. ”
    I hope you don’t mean that. You really do understand that the debt, “doesn’t just get higher.” It takes unrestrained, corrupt spending to increase the debt. Dems and libs, especially progressives, try to make you think not stealing as much money as they want , or what conservatives call tax cuts tax cuts, causes higher debt. That is an ignorant lie, no matter how many times told.
    Spending more than you have causes debt, not tax cuts.
    Stop voting for progressives in either party. Stop voting for anyone using the word, “bi-partisan.” That is how they move us further and further down the road to bankruptcy and socialism. “Bi-partisan” means “UNPRINCIPLED,” “SPINELESS,” “NO MORAL OR ETHICAL CODE.”
    If you believe in something, you stand up for it. If no deal is reached, than fine, no deal is reached, it was a lousy idea. You don’t start selling yourself out for bits and pieces, or ten year deals that will never see fruition.
    “Bi-partisan” means your representative believes he doesn’t represent anyone but themselves anymore.

  2. Eye Floaters Cure /

    The United State has really hurt itself with the credit situation. I just don’t get it. We pay trillions in taxes and the debt just keeps getting higher. Why doesn’t anyone ever have to answer where the money is going. Just like the workplace, if you are held responsible for your actions, this kind of shananigs doesn’t happen.

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