Where Is The Black Outrage, or, If Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick Is Right, Today I Became A Proud Racist!

So Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick has come out and blamed his “urban culture” for his propensity to enjoy his bare-handed torture, strangulation, electrocution, drowning, picking dogs up over his head and slamming them into the ground until dead, and laughing as he threw his tiny house pets into pits to be torn apart alive by killer dogs.


Where is the outrage at this slander from the black community?

Every time I have pointed out the disgusting behavior of Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick, I invariably get called a racist for attacking a black man gambling and running dogfighting rings. No one ever mentions the deviant sociopathic behavior or the dead dogs. No one mentions I have also attacked every person that helped him hide this behavior, and enabled him to escape the true reward he had coming.

I have called out every disgusting member of the team he now plays for, lamenting the fact that between them collectively, they couldn’t come up with a pair of balls for their cowardice in not standing up to management and refusing to allow this thug on their field, where children can look up to him. I have berated the NFL, Nike, and Subway, none of whom will ever get a penny of my money again, nor that of any clear thinking American with any values, morals or ethics.

But I am a racist for telling the truth about this low-life vermin.

Now, Mr. low-life vermin himself, the disgracefully evil Michael “Dogkiller” Vick, actually wants people to feel sorry for the fact that he wants a dog, because what he did was not his fault, but the fault of the “urban,” (black), community, that his actions were just an extension of his neighborhood, and perfectly normal to all living there.

If I had said that “urban,” (black), society condoned such savage behavior, and reveled in the torture of animals, and it was normal in “urban,” (black), communities for children to be taught to use their hands to strangle, drown, electrocute, pick animals up over my head and beat them into the ground until dead, and throw their house pets into pits to be ripped apart by killer dogs, and that that deviant behavior was part of the normal “urban,” (black), lifestyle, I would certainly be called a racist, and deservedly so, as no such thing is true.

Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick has made just that allegation.

Where is the outrage from the good people being slandered in such an unfair and totally unjustified manner? Where is the Reverend Al to stand up for his people against such lies? Where is Reverend Jackson going to appear to rail against such accusations?

It is one thing to talk about dogfighting, which has been a part of southern culture, regardless of race. A horrible endeavor, worthy of scorn and prosecution.

It is quite another to hide behind lies and smear your family and friends to cover your own atrocious behavior, and blame innocent, sane people for your depravity.

I look forward to the denunciation of this accusation from black leaders, and, in the absence of said denunciations, I can only assume the “urban,” (black), communities accept that responsibility, and Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick is not lying.

If his accusations stands unanswered, I must proudly proclaim myself to be a racist.


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  1. Ron Reale / Post Author

    The corruption in the Justice system especially recently, is mind blowing! We have administrators killing people here and in Mexico, and instead of being fired, they are bribed with high paying jobs so they keep their mouths shut, and keep their benefits and pensions.
    No more lawyers or dems in office is a start.
    Be well, have a safe holiday, even if it did start as a communist union based payoff, like May day.

  2. Ben /

    Ron, thanks for the reply……..I am WELL informed on the vast disparity in crime along racial lines…..alas, it is akin to the Emperor and his new ‘clothes’…..everyone sees it but none dare utter a word……Did you also know the lovely way the DOJ, etc classifies our ‘hispanic’ friends in the crime data-If Juan Pedro is the perp, hes classified as ‘white’, if hes the victim of a crime, hes ‘hispanic’……….what a great way to skew the data! B

  3. Ron Reale / Post Author

    I guarantee he only addressed the dogfighting, which, while disgusting, IS a southern cultural thing. I am not Addressing that, but the heinous killings, by hand, in such a barbaric manner. No black person will address that! They have to stick up for the most disgusting behavior imaginable, because to them, blacks have no responsibility, it’s the white mans fault. Next time you see him, ask him his opinion on the racial breakdown of rapes in America. According to the FBI and Justice Dept stats, for every one black woman raped by a white man, 30,000 white woman are raped by blacks. I guess that’s a cultural thing too, and pointing it out is racist. If those rapes were reported accurately, as they occurred, and specified the race of all parties involved, there would be no more black men alive in America.

  4. Ben /

    Ron, great article on a HORRIBLE subject…..we had a small social gathering the other night and a black man was in attendance….this subject came up and everyone (except him) was up in arms mad/disgusted, etc….he proceeded to parrot the ‘its a cultural thing, etc’ and then proceeded to label us all rrrrracists for criticizing what other people find acceptable….sickening…….B

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