obama, Clinton & MoslemBrohd, Spreading Sharia Worldwide

Americans deserve a hearty congratulatory pat on the back. We should all, collectively, be thrilled. Without our help, the Moslem Brotherhood would still be a disorganized terrorist group, struggling against laws in many countries to force sharia upon the populace.

All it took was the long-time parishioner of the anti-semitic racist Reverend Wright, (1), Louis Farrakhans beloved “Messiah,” (2), the man Kafdaffy calls, “my son,” or, “the Black African Kenyan,” or simply, “a moslem,”  (3), to become president. That done, taxpayers have funded revolutions throwing out regimes keeping the islamic terrorists in check, to the tune of $900 million dollars (so far) in Libya, and  continued to funnel money to Egypt, regardless of the fact that we have no idea who is running the country, and the fact that the democracy groups have been usurped by the Moslem Brotherhood, who are determined to bring sharia to Egypt and the world, through any means necessary. (4)

All obama and his moslem friends have to do is claim they are for democracy, we have to support them! Why? Democracy is mob rule, survival of the fittest, the last thing any free people should be supporting. America IS NOT a democracy, because our forefathers knew a democracy was repugnant to individual freedom. (5)

Yet here we are. Without our help in Libya, and the AFL-CIO helping the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt, (6), and obama and Hillary Clinton actively backing them in Syria, (7), the world would be a much safer place. Khadaffy and Assad would be killing their own terrorist supporting, dancing-in-the-streets-at-the-death-of-Americans, citizens, making us all sleep better at night, and Mubarak and Assad would still have the Moslem Brotherhood hiding in the shadows.

All it took was for obama to go on a world-wide apology tour, (8), bowing and groveling at the feet of the worlds dictators, announcing to the world that America will no longer lead the world.

Under the false pretense of an, “obligation to protect,” obama let his Moslem brothers know that he was on board with their spreading their barbaric sharia law anywhere in the world, and his corrupt union buddies would give whatever assistance they needed. Needless to say, they will use the same excuse, “obligation to protect,” to allow attacks on Israel soon. Just how many decades ago were the last government sanctioned attacks on Israel from Egypt, like we are seeing today? (9) Does anybody really think anyone in the new Egypt wants peace? Syria? The first thing the Moslem Brotherhood announced was the end of peace with Israel. (10)

obamas weakness and degradation of America’s standing will bring the world to a precipice of darkness not easily escaped.

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  2. Ron Reale / Post Author

    As often as my broken clock! The odds are in his favor…he spouts so much crap, sooner or later he’s bound to be right about something!

  3. Vicente Demopoulos /

    Ron Paul was right

  4. Trainer Joe /

    It now seems Tony Blair was in bed not only with Gaddafi, which we suspected all along because it was known they communicated, but he was very deeply involved with Rupert Murdoch too, being Godson to his child. Unbelievable – is there anyone the man in the street can trust to represent his interests?

  5. Ron Reale / Post Author

    Or your fellow followers of the “religion of peace” will cut off your head.

  6. how to pray in islam /

    it’s important to recite arabic surahs during islam prayer correctly.

  7. Ron Reale / Post Author

    Nothing is “unknown, ” unless you are willfully ignoring the facts. The muslim brotherhood has already taken over the “democracy” movement in Egypt, and immediately announced the end of the peace with Israel. There were no “issues” between Israel and Egypt for twenty years. In less than two month under muslim brotherhood control, there are unending attacks from Egypt. We are supplying people we know are the muslim brotherhood in Libya and Syria. The muslim brotherhood has been quit clear in it’s objectives, sharia for the world. obama and Hillary Clinton are supporting them. What do you find “unknown?” Oh, yeah, I know, it’s Israels’ fault.
    You certainly do have a guarantee on your return. Unending riots by the savages muslims in England, and your, (as our president), politicians bending over and kissing their asses, at the expense of the honest, non-criminal, freedom loving British subject. If you had guns, you’d be citizens and could do something, but, hey, being a subject with no right to defend yourself is so cool, isn’t it?
    Good luck in your no-go zones and sharia courts.

  8. miedzyzdroje /

    The consequences of the Arab spring for the West are yet unknown,the issues that now appear to exist between Israel and Egypt could yet cause an escalation of warfare.The unknown quantity in Lybia the rebels,there are no idea what will become of Lybia .The sole thing which is certain it has cost the UK upwards of 500million and as yet we now have no guarantee of a return.

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