How To Save America: Shakespeare Had The Right Idea!

While I’m not (yet) calling for their death, come next election, everyone should do all they can to remove, and never again vote for, any lawyers on the ballot.

I propose a Constitutional Amendment banning Attorneys from holding public office, so that we never again see a 2000 page bill that no one understands.

We need loyal Americans in office, those that actually have to live by the rules, not those willing to bastardize the Constitution, while bending and twisting common sense to enrich their party or friends at all others expense.


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  1. Lelah Arne /

    Astounding write-up, To assist you to happen to be or possibly not to turn out to be is without a doubt unquestionably the énigme. I liked examining Mr. Shakespear even so the situation strikes a chord in my memory connected with a new magical outing. In the event that I had been around junior high school figuring out this approach material it shook my world. Shakespeare was obviously a expert, his particular novels remain to have an effect on our personal every day peoples lives. Naturally I advocate most Shakespears guides.

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