Dear Ann: Will Conservatives Vote For An Anti-gun, Global Warming Advocate, An Open Border, Abortion Flip-Flopper, OR, Where Is The Real Ann Coulter, And Why Is She Allowing Her Imposter To Back A RINO In Her Name?

Will Conservatives Vote For An Anti-gun, Global Warming Advocate, An Open Border, Abortion Flip-Flopper, OR…Where Is The Real Ann Coulter, And Why Is She Allowing Her Impostor To Back A RINO In Her Name?

Dear Ann, are you kidding?

Christie is for gun control. (1)

Christie says he is NOW anti-abortion, (check back tomorrow, who knows!), (2). After hearing HIS childs heartbeat, (or polling the kid), he changed his position. Never mind all the other peoples children he helped kill. That doesn’t count, in his mind.

He believes Illegal Aliens are not a problem, or “illegal.” Supports obama against Arizona, or any other state trying to defend themselves against the illegal onslaught the Federal Government has reigned down upon them. (3)

His position on Man-Made Global Warming rivals obama, Romney and Newt. Against all evidence, he just came out against Fracking, instead of leading the fight with the facts. (4)

Since your arrival on the political scene, Ann, I have backed and fully supported every one of your positions. That fact alone convinced me you were brilliant! Imagine my surprise at hearing your doppelganger repeatedly call for this Northeast Liberal to be the savior of the Republican party.

You must have some secret plan to get him into the race, just to out all his fellow Rino supporters in the Republican party, and somehow humiliate them and marginalize them in the next election. Is that it, Ann? Do you want to give the TEA Party patriots a clear view of his supporters, to make it easier to target, (yeah, I said target, I don’t care what Politically Correct imbeciles think it means), them for defeat?

Please Ann, enlighten us. You must have heard the criticisms. You must know his past and current liberal progressive positions. Just because he fought with a few unions, doesn’t a conservative make.

Or are you slipping over to the dark side?






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  1. Ron Reale / Post Author

    I know I’m right, but your absolutely wrong in your interpretation of my article. I do want the “right wing” running the country, before the left, like Christie, have the opportunity to do the same thing they have done in every democrat liberal progressive state or city they run. How’s Detroit looking? How about Chicago? New Orleans pre-Katrina? All liberal sewers, collapsing under the weight of their ignorance and socialist policies, which destroy lives. California is a paradise right? Pick almost any city or area run by progressive liberal democrats, or members of the Black Caucus, and you will find the only person getting rich is the corrupt representative, (Maxine Waters).
    Nice try, but a course in reading comprehension might be in order.
    Be well,

  2. Tyson Jannusch /

    Youre correct. We cant let the noisy right wing take over. Let those with brains run the country

  3. Ron Reale / Post Author

    His only complaint about unions is not that they screw the people, but that screwing the people is the governments job.
    Be well,

  4. George Colgrove /

    Christie also estimated up to $10 billion of federal funds he needed BEFORE IRENE HIT HIS STATE. He is ready to take any and all federal funds when there are not any. He apparently does not know what deficit mean. So far many of these republicans are RINO’s. We need to be very careful!

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