Why No Dead Terrorists At Attack On The Port Of Longview In Seattle, Washington?

In Seattle, Washington, the Port of Longview experienced a violent, armed attack Thursday, Sept. 8, 2011, from 500 terrorists. (1)
With the security detail overrun and held captive, private property was vandalized, and trains were sabotaged, with no shots fired in defense of the Port or the men themselves.
There were no arrests, nor public response from Homeland Security.
Why not?
There is Doug Averett, the Director of Operations for the port, who also serves as the Facility Security Officer of the Port, whose duties include carrying out the responsibilities for Homeland Security. Half a million dollars have been spent in security upgrades since 2001, 80% of it from Homeland Security grants. (2)
You would think those responsibilities would include keeping the facility secure, and protecting the cargo and equipment. You would think.
I don’t know what type of training Janet Napolitano had this fellow attend, nor how much it cost the American taxpayer. Whatever it is, it was all wasted, as evidenced by the lack of a pile of terrorist bodies at the gate of the facility, and strewn throughout the grounds.
Why wasn’t he fired first thing this morning?
The fact that hundreds of violent saboteurs made their way safely into the facility, and the entire security staff was cowed and surrendered without firing a shot, shows just how protected Homeland Security has made us, under the guidance of an ignorant, lying, inexperienced “security” expert, “Big Sis” Napolitano.
Is CAIR paying attention?
Are they currently organizing their terrorists to mimic the unions terrorist tactics? Are they, at this very moment, getting their Muslim Brotherhood sponsors prepared to make a similar attack against a wide open Port of entry to America?
They don’t even need bombs or guns, just proud American Union signs, like, “Workers of the World, Unite,”  (3), and, “Take Out the Sons Of Bitches,” (4), and the so-called security team will immediately surrender.
These violent, criminal union thugs, unopposed, took over a United States Port in minutes.
The surrender, in the face of threats by men armed with baseball bats, of at least one law enforcement officer, presumably armed with a weapon capable of taking out at least 6 people, (which would have immediately scattered the rest of the cowards), must make all his law enforcement brothers feel warm and tingly inside. (5)
We know these terrorists committed sabotage, cutting the brakes on boxcars and dumping over 70 freight cars of grain along the tracks.
That is what we know they did, but what else did they do while in control of the port? Did they assist in getting weapons on or off a ship in the riot? Did they use the chaos to move drugs in or out of the port?
Does anyone doubt that today’s union members wouldn’t destroy everything any American has, if it meant an extra dollar in their bloated pension?
Is this the security offered and accepted by the obama-Napolitano Department of Homeland Security?
I don’t know about you, but I’m not impressed.

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