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  2. Ron Reale / Post Author

    We have too many Federal crimes. Murder is a local issue for the state. Anything used to convict for a hate crime will also fit 1st degree murder, which carries either the death penalty or life in prison. I don’t want to punish a family, just put the murderers away, either cold or on storage, forever. We need to dismantle every federal crime and the agencies that enforce them, that is not in the Constitution. The feds have no right to make laws for the states. I am a citizen of Florida, which belongs to the United States. Florida has a death penalty, some states don’t, which is how it should be. No to federal crimes.
    Soon we’ll have Federal Drivers Licenses, Federal car registrations, Federal laws up the wazoo. Unconstitutional!
    Thanks for the comment, be well!

  3. Swamp Thing /

    But Ron, by making it a Federal crime, we can put him far, far away from his family and his community. That threat may help where other things don’t.

    Swamp Thing

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