• Death, Diplomacy-Style, OR, “There’s No Such Thing As A Bad Terrorist!”

    On 5/11/14, “Fox News Sunday” with Chris Wallace, had as a guest former state department Ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell. Mr Campbell tried to explain why Hillary Clinton and the State Department fought the terrorist designation for Boko Haram years ago. He did so in an arrogant, disrespectful, tilted head manner that screamed, “do I really have to stoop to speaking to you dolts?’ Seriously, his head was closer to the table than his shoulder was! In his ponderous, slowly paced drone, he proved why diplomacy has never and will never work.

    He stated that even after Boko Haram was blowing things up and killing people, the reason the State Department couldn’t designate them a terrorist organization was because if they did, no one would be allowed to speak or deal with them anymore! In other words, even while others die for their failures, they wanted to keep talking to the poor, obviously misunderstood murderous bastards. Their sole reason for allowing this group to flourish was so they could continue to negotiate with the enemy! He said this with the air of a professor who just spread some gem of enlightenment upon skulls full of mush, incredulous that he even had to explain the “flaws” in the designation language.

    The thought that you just can’t negotiate with murderous fanatical islamists would never occur to them. Our diplomatic drones hate the military. They would be giving the terrorists tips on how to hold the sword while they were getting their heads cut off, rather than admit what Boko Haram truly is and allow the military to once again clean up their diplomatic failure. The lefts hatred and disdain for our military is the same reason an Al Qaeda offshoot was hired as security for the Benghazi compound, and no security was beefed up when requested.

    Unless the US Military is allowed free reign to do what is necessary if they are requested to help in a rescue mission, we should not get involved. Just once I’d like to see an American President tell the world, “Sure, we’ll help you. But only if you tell us what you want done and get out of the way. You better exhaust all other methods before asking for our help, because we will get the job done. Quickly. With as much firepower is necessary to protect American lives. No other safety consideration will be considered.”

    The practice of embedding a few Americans with foreign troops under foreign command, and making believe the other country is doing the work, is bull excrement. We all know it, and their ineptitude only prolongs the risks and exposure of our troops to harm.

    The American Government has proven they will let our military men sit and rot to die under fire without lifting a finger to help them. Does anybody think our current administration respects our military?

     I believe that like anything else under his control, President obama thinks the military are campaign fodder, bodies to be thrown at missions where there is no American security concerns, killed and used when the polls are right, and lied about when they occur on the wrong date and contrary to their published, phoney agenda.


  • A Win For Wilson And LBJ, A Loss For The World

    Woodrow Wilson and LBJ’s progressive racist mentality won the election. The same racist progressive mentality that brought an end to a rising black middle class, the same racist progressive mentality that tore apart black families by paying women to have babies if they threw out the man of the house, leading to the current rate of 70% single parent households in the black community, (and generations of families trapped in welfare, their children never knowing their fathers, destined to be uneducated criminals and drug addicts as a direct result) (1). The same racist progressive mentality telling the black community they’re not able or expected to succeed, so don’t bother trying, we’ll support your failures, (never more evident than in the new Dade County school curriculum, where blacks are now being told they are not going to be held to equal standards because of their obvious inferiority and inability to learn compared to the rest of the counties children (2)).

    The first black President, (a truly remarkable feat in this supposedly racist country), has been an unmitigated failure. The economy is on the brink of collapse, while he and his progressive cohorts do every thing they can to push it over. Unemployment is unacceptably high, and will continue to grow in the coming year. Investments in American business are at a standstill due to the coming punishing taxes and redistributive policies of this man (3). Full-time work has been defined as 30 hours a week by the federal government, causing companies to reduce to 29 their employees hours, to avoid paying health benefits or a draconian penalty per employee (4). More people are being forced to turn to government to exist, as obama collapses the job market (5). Our deficit has been increased beyond that of all of his predecessors combined, with our children and grandchildren being sold into bondage to pay for it (6). Women are losing jobs at never before seen rates (7). The Middle East and North Africa have been surrendered to our greatest enemy in that region, the Muslim Brotherhood, in a failed attempt at outreach to our enemies. American dollars and arms have helped propel our mortal enemy to power, and continues to support them to the tune of billions a year (8)(9). American embassies in hostile countries are left with unarmed Marines, (10) or, even more incredibly, security contracts with suspect foreigners or even Al Quada (11)! When the obvious result occurs, even with help from numerous sources readily available within an hour, American diplomats and military are left to die pleading for help for more than five hours, with this man and his government WATCHING! A General within striking distance with the means to provide assistance was arrested and removed from duty for attempting to disobey an order from this government to stand down and let Americans die (12).

    Yet, since the progressive racist Democrat President Woodrow Wilson acted upon the Democrat party’s founding beliefs and segregated the federal government and the military in the early 1900’s, the Democrat party has always believed and acted like blacks are not capable of success. Failures are ignored in the Progressive liberal community, as blacks were never expected, (by them), to succeed(13).

    If anyone is insulted by what they read here, welcome to the club! I am insulted that any of my friends are treated in such a manner. I am insulted that anyone in the country looks at my co-workers in this manner. I am insulted by the demeaning of any American at the hands of another.

    I am certainly insulted when the future of the country and the peace of the world are sacrificed on the alter of racist Progressive policies.

    In the upside down racist world of Progressives, a blacks failures are proof of their Progressive beliefs, and those failures must be supported.

    Before you dismiss this entirely, ask yourself a question:

    If this, (and the rest of his failures I had not room to mention), were the record of a white President of either party, would he have been re-elected?

    Even die-hard Progressive Jimmy Carter couldn’t get re-elected, and except for their skin color, their records and beliefs are almost identical.

    Progressives have convinced liberals that failure is a resume enhancement, as long as it is black failure.


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  • Imam McCain Throws Support To Muslim Brotherhood

    I’m watching Fox News Sunday this Memorial Day, 5/27/12, listening to the great “Progressive” icon of the right, Senator John McCain, whine about the failure of America to protect some Middle East terrorists from other Middle East terrorists in Syria. Following up his disgraceful support, (along with that of  S.of S. Clinton and President obama), of the Muslim Brotherhood takeovers in Libya and Egypt, he is near apoplectic in our failure to fight terrorist’s battles for them.
    I would like to ask this great “Progressive” icon of the right, Senator John McCain, what our upside has been in Libya and Egypt? We are now funding our avowed enemies, an organization dedicated to destroying America from both within and without. We are still giving over a billion dollars a year to Egypt. We give hundreds of millions of dollars to the PLO.
    Why does he think America would get any benefit from different terrorists killing muslims, in place of Syria’s Assad? The ignorance or purposeful mendacity of those that try to defend what is happening in the Middle East, and our funding and support for it, proclaiming it is in some way a march towards “Freedom and Democracy,” is staggering!
    Once again, the teachers unions and forced failure of the education system has come to the rescue of the radical anti-Americans running this administration.
    The Main Stream Media can throw around the word “democracy” about what is happening, like “democracy” is a good thing! Majority mob rule is not something we should be supporting, anywhere in the world.
    I am grateful to the military man, John McCain, for his past actions in defense of this nation.
    I am disgusted by the politician, Senator John McCain, for his campaign of ignorance and propaganda on behalf of America’s most vociferous and active enemies, the Muslim Brotherhood.
    My God, this embarrassment to the Senate, the great “Progressive” icon of the right, Senator John McCain, actually just stopped the conversation to remind Americans and the world that there are, “grades of Muslim Brotherhood!”
    Well said, Imam McCain, I’m sure your lies have them dancing in the aisles at CAIR, the terrorist organization founded by the Muslim Brotherhood, and equally dedicated to destroying America. They spend millions of dollars trying to spread the lies you just spouted.
    I noticed, Senator McCain, you didn’t mention where we could go to find the new rules of some of the “grades of the Muslim Brotherhood,” you know, where they call off their plan to destroy America.
    You gave no names of so-called “moderate” members of the Muslim Brotherhood willing to stand up next to you, Imam John McCain, and state they are willing to live with a free, non-muslim America in the world.
    More proof that “Progressives” are the biggest threat to America.
    Alan West was right, but they are not all in the Progressive Caucus, or solely on the left.
    Let Syria burn, until as many as possible are dead.
    When whoever wins wins, if they prove they truly want to be our friends, help them. If not, let them, too, self-destruct. It should never have been our business to feed or defend, or monetarily support, our enemies.
    Have a thoughtful Memorial Day, and consider what we as a nation will be asking our future soldiers to die for under the choices we will make for them. Elections have consequences on more than just the price of gas.
    Never be afraid to shake the hand and thank our uniformed military citizens when you have a chance.
  • First Lady or First Czar?

    When did the Presidents wife, known for nothing other than servicing the President, (except Mrs. Clinton), become anything other than a White House tour guide, a la Jackie Kennedy?
    When is the Congress going to cut off all funds for any project these unelected concubines seek to steal from the American taxpayer?
    If the position of First Lady is anything requiring the spending of one dime, than they should have to run for it separately, and it should not just automatically be the Presidents wife.
    If these women are going to spend millions of taxpayer dollars, shouldn’t they be vetted? Or is sleeping with an elected official all it takes?
    Hillary Clinton, Americas most famous political prostitute, had absolutely no experience in anything but having sex with Bill Clinton, (at least once as evidenced by the existence of Chelsea, although, without a DNA test, I doubt it), and destroying all the women who actually seemed to enjoy having sex with Bill Clinton, or those he  assaulted or raped, like Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broderick, yet she was put in charge of trying to take over the health-care industry! Is that the only experience needed to spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars without oversight?
    When will Elliot Spitzer’s, (better known as Client Number 9), girlfriend run for office? With her resume, she is a shoe-in!
    What has Michelle Obama done in her life, besides being forced to give up her law license and sleeping with obama, (when Larry Sinclair wasn’t available)?
    Did anyone vote for this woman, who is now trying to tell all Americans how to raise their children?
    Why should anyone listen to her, and why has no one had the stones to stand up and tell her to STFU about anyone else’s family but her own?
    When are we going to do something about this most corrupt usurption of Presidential power by America haters and sperm recepticles?
    There should be no “Office of the First Lady.”
    If that is to continue to be an official position, then any woman should have the right to run for that office, it should not be relegated to inexperienced housewives with no oversight over their outrageous intrusions into Americans lives
    When will someone stand up and tell these miserable power hungry scabs that their only job in life is to warm their husbands bed. If they want to run an office, let them run for that office.
    Or, let their ELECTED husband pay, personally, for their mindless excursions into irrelevance, and all the trappings, travel and office personnel their hobbies entail.
    Congress should immediately pass legislation that strips all official duties other than the traditional protocol duties from the unelected wife of any President, now and in the future.
    Or, they should define the position of First Lady, and make it an elected position.
    I vote for Ann Coulter.
  • Will Biden Be Benched For Hillary?

    Is Hillary about to be drafted?
    obama is spiraling into the inevitability of a one-term presidency.
    His policies of appeasement around the world have caused the overthrow of the only middle-east regimes that either recognized Israel, or leaned just far enough toward the west that they could be counted on in tough times. The middle-east doesn’t reward weakness, and consider “negotiations” a victory for them, because their demands can never be met, if their negotiating partner still has room to exist.
    His destructive economic policies have led to government-created or subsidized jobs, which, according to the Weekly Standard, cost the taxpayer $278,000 each.
    His energy policy, to shut  energy and coal companies and make costs, “necessarily skyrocket,” is the only thing working as he promised. Gas is 100% more expensive since he became president, and coal companies are under attack.
    His raping of the financial system of this country, his collusion with the corrupt Federal Reserve, the Billions he has stolen from the taxpayers for secret payments to foreign banks, have helped destroy and keep down a now-struggling economy.
    The Democrat party will be able to run on having the most “failed catastrophicly ignorant and dangerous policies.”  Not a category soon to be rewarded by the majority of the American populace.
    So, under the heading of,  “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull$hit,” are we about to see a reshuffling of the ticket?
    Face it, Joe Biden brings nothing, zip, zero, nada to this ticket. Unless you count ridicule. Biden is the only person in the White House that manages to say more ignorant things than obama. (I think Biden knows what year it is, and how many States are in the Union…I think…) Even after obama announces his amnesty position to get the hispanic vote, he can’t win with his current demographics.
    obama and the dems have nothing going for them, but…THE BILL and HILLARY Show!
    Hillary would energize a lot of women, who would figure with Hillary as VP now, she’s the next President after obama. Many independents that were ready to support her last time would conceivably come home. Bill and Hillary are respected, on a “Rock Star” basis, both here in America and abroad. I do not agree with anything she says, but she still has a loyal base that would run to support her.
    Remember, the muslims are in revolt all around the world because of the weakness in the White House. Hillary would bring two things to the White House that are currently “conspicuous in their absence”:
    1) Memories of an economic policy that wasn’t self-destructing, and
    2) Testosterone! She has more than anyone currently in the White House.
    There is no past or future policy that will get obama re-elected, now might be the time for the old “razzle dazzle.”
    We have a tough climb, they’re going to pull out all the stops, they won’t give up without a fight.