• Isn’t Murder a “High Crime or Misdemeanor?” Part Two…OR…

    “How Many Murders And Other High Crimes Can An American President Commit Before The MSM Pays Attention?”




    False Arrest and Imprisonment.

    While there are many Questions and accusations surrounding the Benghazi terrorist attack cover-up by the White House, some High Crimes, already obvious and true as documented by the willing accomplices in the Main Stream Media, are being ignored.

    They are possibly the most dangerous crimes any American President and Government can make against their people.

    Our Government, made up by and for a free people specifically to protect their rights and ensure their freedom, created and coalesced behind an outrageous lie to frame an innocent American citizen in the eyes of the world, strip him of his rights and wrongly incarcerate him.

    The world saw him do it. They heard his lies from the UN pulpit, from his very lying lips.

    They world now knows the American President and his administration will frame their own citizens to keep from prosecuting islamist terrorists.

    They know he lied to them.

    They know he is but one of them, a tin pot dictator, craven in his desire to accumulate and hold onto power. Barack Chavez.

    Perjury and lies by one citizen in an effort to imprison an innocent fellow citizen strike at the very heart of the justice system, and are punished as such.

    Perjury and lies by a President and the Administration he runs in an effort to imprison an innocent citizen strikes at the very core of our foundation as a nation. It defiles the Constitution to have had it sworn to by such trash, such non believers.

    If the power of the Presidency was used, at any level of the administration, from any of his representatives, to impede the necessary available relief from attempting requested and advised help for Americans in Benghazi, is that not a premeditated refusal to carry out his oath of office?

    If the power of the Presidency was used, at any level of the administration, from any of his representatives, to divert any investigative or media figures with knowingly false accounts, allowing the terrorist Al Qaeda fighters to get away unpunished, is that not aiding and abetting the enemy and a premeditated refusal to carry out his oath of office?

    If the power of the Presidency was willfully used, at any level of the administration, from any of his representatives, to spread the lies about an innocent man and his video causing the Benghazi riots; lies which then themselves caused riots and chaos across a world who had never seen the video in question; lies used to kidnap and trump up charges on an otherwise innocent man, stripping him of all of his basic civil rights and robbing him of his freedom, then I suggest to you we have seen the most glaring High Crime a President can commit.

    Maybe his getting away with his administrations wanton murders of Mexicans, which continue to this day courtesy of obama and Holder’s “Fast and Furious” second amendment false-flag attack, convinced him he was unaccountable.

    Hillary Clinton, disgraced former Secretary of State, while she delivered her perjured testimony, asked pointedly, “What Difference Does It Make…” who killed the embassy employees. Perhaps had she actually laid out the complete thought, the question would be easier for Americans to answer:

    “What difference does it make if the American citizens were killed by so-called protesters angered about a video they had not seen, or if they were killed because the President and I decided we didn’t want to fight Al Qaeda on the anniversary of 9/11 because it wouldn’t look good in the press after we told them we had decimated the terrorist organization? What difference does it make if the President helps the guilty terrorists escape and jails an innocent man?”

    I think it makes a big difference.

  • Obviously, obama and Hillary Hate Women!

    On April 29, 2012, In OPINIONPolitics, By Ron Reale
    While liberals are up in arms about Rush Limbaugh and his comment, (for which he immediately apologized), about an admittedly “loose woman” and her need to have us all pay for her sexcapades, our “formerly” muslim President, barack obama, bypassed Congress to give the Palestinian Authority, those paragons of virtue and womens rights, (1), $192 million dollars.
    The President’s muslim friends in Egypt, the ones we all were in such a hurry to support in their drive for “Democracy,” are still receiving over two billion of American taxpayer dollars, (as they have each year since 1979, and as their muslim brotherhood leaders have recently threatened us, must be continued), (2), (3), and they have made it illegal for woman to get an education or work.
    They can’t even escape their tormentors in death, as the filthy islamists claim the right to continue to have sex with them for 6 months after they are dead, (4).
    I find it interesting that the communists in the Progressive Caucus in Congress that Republican Representative Alan West spoke of recently, (5),  will fight tooth and nail to keep a country from getting any aid from America if their unions are not receiving the same treatment as our corrupt union thugs in America, (6), but will throw money at any country doing it’s best to destroy woman’s rights, and women themselves.
    Hillary Clinton, our obscenity of a Secretary of State, has fully supported the so called, “Arab Spring”, (7), (8). She should be ashamed of herself, but we know the Clintons have no shame.
    She should have resigned rather than ever speak to a leader of one of these muslim misogynist countries. She should be denouncing them at every interview, doing everything she can to bring an end to American support.
    We hear from these communists in the Progressive Caucus in Congress that Republican Representative Alan West spoke of recently that there is a Republican “war on woman!” (9)
    The truth is, the Commander-in-Chief of the, “Worldwide War on Woman,” is President barack hussein obama, the “former” muslim, and his muslim compatriots throughout the world. The American taxpayer funds his venal actions against innocent women.
    Hillary Clinton is his battlefield general.
    The Progressive Caucus in Congress that Republican Representative Alan West recently spoke of are his field troops, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz is his “Tokyo Rose”.

  • More Random Thoughts

    Random Thoughts:
    It is nice to see people finally coming to realize that “Fast and Furious was nothing but an assault on the Second Amendment. Today Rush, (who opened my eyes in 1991), was bragging about mentioning that possibility in July. I posted “Isn’t Murder A High Crime Or Misdemeanor?” in March.
    A Breitbart contributer, AWR Hawkins, addressed the issue of Hillary Clintons involvement in “Fast and Furious” yesterday. I posted “What Did Hillary Know, And When Did She Know It?” On Coach is Right and my blog in October.
    I was a big fan of Newt Gingrich in the 80’s and 90’s. His advisers at the time included the brilliantly prescient Alvin Toffler, author of “Future Shock”, written in the 60’s and published in 1970. I only lost interest in him with his acceptance of Americans having to pay a health-care mandate and his believing in the now-more-than-ever debunked Global Warming canard.
    Should he change those positions I would have no problem supporting him over the RINO Romney…Gingrich has shown himself to be the only candidate that will actually attack obama, rather than tear down all the other republicans to get the support of the RINO faction.
    Should he pick another fighter, like Palin, Cain or Trump as a VP, we would see a hell of an election cycle, and a bigger landslide than Reagan/Mondale.
    Does anyone believe a word coming out of the mouth of the Black Separatist Racist Attorney General, Eric Holder?
    There has not been a word published that would keep me from supporting Herman Cain. I have seen accusations based on allegations that have been investigated, and an “Invisible Woman” who claims a 13 year affair based on her word only. She doesn’t have a picture? A blue dress? After the Clinton-Lewinsky debacle, the thought of acquiring proof for such a claim escaped her? Really?
    There has not been a word published that would keep me from supporting Sarah Palin. I have only heard left-wing slander and lies, and I hope the dismal field shaking out now has her considering her options.
    I love Alec Baldwin! He shows what (male genitalia) progressive liberals are, on a daily basis, and their belief that they are sooo much better than the rest of us.
    What happened to all the lying media and their glorification of what they called “Democracy movements” in the Middle East? Now that the evil muslim brotherhood has taken over everywhere, why are they not fawning over their victory against humanity?
    Merry Christmas one and all, and if that term bothers you, well then, MERRY CHRISTMAS!