• “…Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?”

    Now that we have seen a dozen or so debates between the so-called “Republicans,” (I say so-called because neither Gary Johnson nor Ron Paul are Republicans, they are both fringe libertarians), it is time to re-evaluate those left standing, either out front or in the wings.
    Of all those out front, Perry is the only choice, unfortunately.
    Romney is being forced on us by the media and democrats, in the same manner Dole and McCain were. He has nothing going for him except that he is next in line in a RINO filled GOP. He has an uncanny ability to be on both sides of an issue, and, if anyone notices, it is to their detriment, not his. Arrogance at an extraordinary level.
    Santorum and Bachmann, probably the most consistently Conservative candidates we have seen recently, just can’t seem to connect with the voters. At one point, I was considering Bachmann, but she went all Pat Robertson on me, talking about God sending warnings to us through recent natural disasters, like Roberts said of Katrina. Santorum, on the other hand, only has one specific unforgivable fault, in my view. He backed Arlen Specter against a real Conservative. He damaged the country with that one move, and I will never give him a chance to do such damage again.
    Gingrich, undeniably the smartest on the stage, cut his throat declaring himself a “Wilsonian Progressive!” Wilson, the incredibly racist embarrassment of a President that gave us the Federal Reserve and the Federal Income Tax, and who segregated the military and the Federal Government, is not someone I want my President admiring or, God forbid, emulating. Newt and obama are exactly the same in a couple of ways…both speak from an intellectual “professorial” point, talking down to the uneducated minions, and both believe the only reason Big Government doesn’t work is that THEY have not been in charge. They both speak from a “we are the one you have been waiting for” point of view.
    Huntsman is obama’s personal candidate, there for no reason but to split the vote.
    That leaves Perry, a terrible debater, but when seen in less formal situations, easily holds his own and clearly has a grasp on governments role in staying out of the way of business. His part-time Congress idea is worth my vote, and, unless and until someone else jumps in and shows themselves more capable and Conservative, he has it. He is not perfect, but he is 1000 times more experienced in the workings of America, her values and greatness than the current “OWS” community organizer in the White House.
    In the wings, Trump lurks, waiting to pounce. While I admire his foreign and domestic business experience,  he wouldn’t be able to govern. He would be like Arnold Swarzenegger in California, ineffective due to lack of support from his legislature.
    Palin’s re-entry would collapse most other candidacies. Like Perry, her experience and energy policies would be great for America.
    Perry/Palin or Perry/Cain could work for me.
  • Fox Republican Debate, IMHO

    I watched the debate Thursday night, and you can see my immediate, as it happened remarks in my post, “The Debate In As “Real-Time,” A Wife, Visiting Relatives, And Two Dogs Allows,” at:


    Here is my condensed version and observations:

    If life were fair, Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann would be doing much better than they are. I understand the reluctance to back Bachmann, I stopped backing her because she claimed, among other things, that God was sending recent natural disasters killing people all around the world as a warning.

    Santorum, to my knowledge, hasn’t made any such self destructive statements, and believes with a passion what he says, he just doesn’t seem to project any passion himself. It’s shame, he would probably do well, and is undeniable for a strong America.

    Gingrich, as usual, was the smartest person in the room, but, as obama, has an arrogance befitting a know-it-all professor, and, like obama, is an admitted progressive. He goes so far as to call himelf “Wilsonian” in his beliefs. That, in and of itself, should scare the bejesus out of anyone. Gingrich loves big government, because he belives, like obama, that he is special enough to make it work.

    Perry proved much more appealing, throwing a Tebow-style Hail Mary pass. He seemed more relaxed, even enjoying himself. He defended his policies, state, and tenth-amendment state-of-mind, well. He did himself the most good of any of the others, who did as expected in their own box.

    Romney was Romney. Slick, polished, bending with the wind and justifying his being all over both sides of all issues. Expected nothing less, received nothing more.

    Paul was his Constitutional self. He makes a great deal of sense on many issues, and then becomes the most dangerous man around when he claims he expects the Iranians to react in the same way to Mutually Assured Destruction as the Russians decades ago.  He can’t see, apparently with the same type of blind spot as obamas government, that Islamist terrorists don’t play by the rules. They live to die, taking others with them. Threatening them with Mutually Assured Destruction is absurd, they would die in a second taking us with them. Paul is scarily sophomoric. He makes a moral and ethical comparison to the Israelis having nukes, “Israel has 300 of ’em,” to Iran being able to have them! He may be a Constitutional Patriot, but on some issues, he is truly delusional.

    Huntsman is only there to help obama by splitting the vote, speaks in obama style platitudes and says nothing. Looks good doing it.

  • Cain Raising,…well,…CAIN!

    raise Cain  (old-fashioned)

    to complain angrily about something and to cause a lot of trouble for the people who are responsible for it. (1)
    Even when the media invents a “scandal” to destroy him through unproven innuendo concerning a decade old incident, Herman Cain throws it right back at them, and makes them all look like the agenda-driven character assassins they are. Perfect example of Cain “raising Cain.”
    When Herman Cain complains about something, he offers a solution. That is causing trouble for the people, (RINOs and libs), who are responsible.
    Mr. Cain is making believers out of a lot of people. His manner and actions are so un-political as to make one laugh.
    More people support him since the attacks!
    He does not think he is perfect, or always right, nor does he expect others to think he is.
    That is why he stands apart from journalists and politicians.
    There are three basic segments of American Society. They are Government, Media and Business.
    Two of them claim never to be responsible for their own failures, blaming their citizens, viewers or readers for being too stupid to understand their failed or failing decisions or programs, and the other one survives being wholly responsible for correcting mistakes and satisfying it’s consumers.
    Personally, I think Cain’s personal and business successes were probably sprinkled with occasional mistakes along the way, and his ability to overcome and or resolve these mistakes or setbacks are what now define the man we see.
    We have seen him recover from an admittedly uninformed position regarding the so-called “Palestineans,” and their, “right of return.” (2)
    He admitted his ignorance on the matter, but promised to get back to the interviewer.
    Which he did, the next week.
    His willingness to admit a shortcoming and correct it if necessary is what makes a great businessman and administrator.
    In a time when Mitt, “DOLEMcCAIN” Romney won’t admit he took a line out of his book, (in the face of a citizenry in which not a small number of people can actually read and see that he did), and Newt Gingrich can cross the aisle to sit on a couch with the San Francisco Socialist, the Progressive enemy of all free people, Nancy Pelosi, while lecturing Americans on the evils of Global Warming, and still expect to be taken seriously, Cain is refreshingly candid on his past and possible future shortcomings.
    In a time when the current president, while presiding over a collapsing economy and society, is claiming in a sycophantic Main Stream Media interview, that he has made no wrong choices, (3), (in the face of a citizenry in which not a small number of people can actually read and see that he did), Cain stands in stark contrast to the “professional politicians.”
    Recently, Mr. Cain said he would “make mistakes.” (4)
    Of course he will!
    Obviously, he uses those experiences to better himself and his message, unlike our current crop of  perpetually wrong politicians.
  • GOP Debate Vs “A Fish Called Wanda: Not Apples and Oranges

    So I’m streaming the debate on my laptop last night, one ear listening through a headset, while watching a great old movie with my better half, (in a loving10 year relationship between a woman who despises anything political, and a man that lives and breathes it every day, this is called, “compromise”). “A Fish Called Wanda,” with John Cleese and Jamie Lee Curtis was on, and is always worth watching. A group of personable miscreants scheming, seemingly together, for the same goal, while planning to screw all the other participants any way possible to attain that goal themselves…but enough about the debate, back to the movie. (Bah-da-bum)
    Perry made a fool of himself. It was embarrassing to watch him try to stay on the script he obviously had been studying. He seemed stiff and stilted, like reading lines that don’t fit in his mouth. He may believe every word, I just don’t feel it from him.
    Cain never faltered in his defense of 9-9-9, but he should have had a few simple answers to go with his admonitions, (which the others certainly deserved for their misrepresentations), other than to tell people to go look it up. A quick explanation of how he avoids the step-by-step taxation on materials in production, would have helped.
    Cain still stands head and shoulders above them all.
    Romney needs to admit he took a damn line out of his book, and put it behind him. He screwed up. I don’t think his hair will let him admit to not being perfect. His verbal contortions belie his smoothness.
    Santorum seems a solid guy, a guy you can count on, and be proud to call friend. His heartfelt message of family leaves a palpable feeling in the room. I don’t know why, but just doesn’t seem to have the depth of a President to me.
    Ron Paul said some perfectly correct things.
    Was Huntsman there? Why is it possible to ask that same question after each debate?
    Professor Gingrich came out looking the best, over all, IMHO. His policy and historical knowledge can’t be denied, but his couch-sitting Climate-Change commercial with San Fran Nan left a deeply disturbing image I’ve yet to mentally purge successfully. He has work to do, but not an impossibility.
    Bachmann didn’t claim any more worldwide deadly natural disasters were warnings from God, and this time didn’t call for Cains 9-9-9 to be condemned because it might be turned upside down bringing out the devil in the details, so I guess she did ok.
    Cain is the winner, mainly because the “professional prostitutes” can’t destroy him for offering solutions, something they stopped doing years ago.
  • Iowa GOP Field, IMHO

    Thoughts on the recent GOP debate.

    Ron Paul: Love his wanting to stick it to the Federal Reserve. Everything else he says is enough to have him committed. He actually compared China, Russia, Pakistan and India, and, by extension, every nuclear nation, with Iran, pleading for Iran to be allowed to have a nuke. He studiously avoided the facts, like the fact that Iran is actively at war with the world, funding terrorists all over the world, (at the moment Iranian snipers are in Syria killing protesters. Not that they don’t deserve it, I have no sympathy for a single Syrian subject). He might make sense, if he could get every other country to bring their soldiers home, also. Pollyanna, will destroy America.

    Rick Santorum: I was raised a Catholic. Went to Catholic school up to the twelfth grade. I don’t want to live in Catholic school. Religious zealot.

    Tim Pawlenty: A joke, never wanted the job, obviously doesn’t understand Congressional politics, or wouldn’t have made a fool of himself demanding that one person sticking by their Conservative principles but not getting communists progressives on other side of the aisle to follow can’t be a leader. Claimed to be THE Leader, and drops out after a respectable third place finish, with the second place being “gamed” by Paul with his bused-in college crowds, who never actually vote in elections. If T-Paw, (the most infantile attempt to be hip I have EVER heard), who actually came in second, (Pauls votes just don’t count, not serious), can’t stay in and fight after the FIRST contest, he is NO LEADER, he is a coward, afraid to stand up and fight for what he believes.

    Newt Gingrich: Great ideas, but sitting on the couch with San Fran Nan removed him forever from any higher office, at least from the right. Attacking the media for repeating his words is ignorant. Either defend what you say, or apologize and admit mistakes. He went on to defend, but, after whining like a little girl, he looked anything but presidential. He had a good answer, but blew it.

    Mitt Romney: obama

    Michelle Bachman: courageous fighter, principled, America first outlook. America would benefit from her leadership.

    Herman Cain: not a political bone in his body, capitalist at his best. Exactly what America needs going forward against our financial problems. Not egocentric, knows how to seek out information from experts and put it to good use. America would benefit from his leadership.

    Jon Huntsman: WHO? He is obama’s candidate, in the race to split the vote at obama’s behest.


    All candidates positions listed can be found at, “ontheissues.org”