• After Manchester, Can We Speak Truth?

    Let’s try and fully understand what is happening in England right now, after we enjoy all the pretty pictures of the formidable troops taking to streets to protect elites and landmarks…(no protection for the subjects, just landmarks).

    So, first your globalist leaders invite the equivalent of 8 or 9 enemy armies into your country, allow them to set up private no-go zones, raping, killing and generally terrorizing the populace with impunity.

    After they’ve had enough time to embed themselves, march in your streets proudly proclaiming their intention to kill you all and take over your country for islam, get armed and trained to kill you all, and repeated attacks, your Government puts on a big show, (lots of pretty pictures of soldiers, absolutely useless soldiers, armed to teeth, running around your streets) of protecting your landmarks.

    Have they taken over the no-go zones, are they going house to house? Will they stay on streets at night and protect common subjects from the rapist savages in those areas, or will this just be another public show that does NOTHING to stop the root cause, (your Government trying to replace you with unassimilating, uncivilized, sharia faithful #moslems)?

    How many more killers are they letting in today, in the dark, while taking all these pretty pictures of soldiers in the streets. You are being played. Your globalist leaders and the EU have killed your country, and most certainly what used to be called Europe. The war is here, and your Gov is on THEIR side.

    Either take to streets at night and start killing every moslem you can find, until they flee your country in fear of their lives, or buy a prayer mat and filthy koran and learn to pray to satan 5 times a day.

    God help you, your Gov certainly won’t.

  • Speak Up Now To Get A Good Seat At Camp!

    What does he know? (1)
    How can he think he can get re-elected running against the continually expressed views and will of the people of America? Not just running against the white, non-muslim people as he has been doing, but now running against blacks, (2), hispanics, (3), and even muslims, (4)!
    President obama going out of his way to insult tolerant muslims by supporting gay marriage? I can’t wait for him to do his Middle East tour to explain THAT bit of progress to the seventh century savages!
    But I digress… this is about obama supporting this position on gay marriage, which has been overwhelmingly defeated by American voters wherever it has been tried! (5)
    About his support for wealth redistribution, which Americans reject; his support for union thugs overriding the most basic of American rights and values, the secret ballot, (6); his support for keeping American companies from putting Americans to work, unless they allow his union thug handlers to extort forced payments to the corrupt unions, (7); his support for stripping the Catholic Church, and, in effect, any religious organization from conforming to the rules of their religion(s), (8); his plea for patience from the Russians, until after he is re-elected, for him to gut our missile defense, (9): his blatant attacks on other supposedly co-equal branches of our government, in his quest to destroy a Constitution he despises, (10),(11),(12); his forcing obamacare on an unwilling American populace, (13).
    I can, and will, go on.
    These are just some of the issues on which obama diametrically opposes the American voter. What is his plan? What will help him overcome the obvious obstacles between himself and freedom loving patriotic Americans?
    His campaign promise to cause energy rates to “necessarily skyrocket” has caused fuel prices to at least double, and his assault on the coal industry, which supplies most of our electricity, is completely out of line for someone looking out for American interests, (14). His administrations blatant lies and alterations to official documents led to an unwarranted moratorium on deep-water drilling in the gulf, (15). We can give Brazil billions to deep-water drill, but Americans can’t drill for our own oil, (16).
    As if that wasn’t enough to make anyone wonder how this man can expect to be re-elected, we still haven’t broached the subject of his purposeful destruction of the American capitalist system. His redistribution of wealth to the green energy scammers, mostly his friends and campaign fundraisers, like Solyndra, has led to failures and bankruptcies from most of the companies to which he gave money, (17).
    It seems to me that there are a preponderance of issues President obama supports that freedom loving Americans want no part of.
    What is his plan? (1)
    Is he hoping for enough civil unrest from his personal army, SEIU, the UAW, and his footsoldiers, the occupy movement, for him to rely on martial law and suspended elections?
    What are Americans to think when the Army “accidentally” releases information regarding the treatment of freedom loving Americans pursuing happiness under the auspices and moral and ethical boundaries of the Constitution, who wind up in the Presidents re-education camps for “political activists,” and how their voices will be silenced by gags as they, (WE, because I’m damn sure I’ll be there, too), are forced to do hard labor for our beliefs? (1)
    If these elections go on unimpeded, we are looking at a Reagan/Mondale type landslide.
    If obama and his minions have their way, we are looking at a civil war.
    The question is, do our soldiers have the courage of the Russian soldiers who refused to turn on their people in the streets of Moscow, (18)?
    Will they follow the most anti-American President our country has ever seen as he uses them to force the United States into the tyranny of socialism and communism, or will they stand with the people, and forcibly remove and  expose the fraud in the White House as soon as he gives the orders for them to  start filling up the obama Re-education Camps?
    Before any of you think this is ridiculous, remember that this is an administration that used it’s FBI and Taxpayer money to buy thousands of dollars of automatic weapons, grenades and light artillery and allow it to be brought to Mexico illegally, to kill Mexican civilians, so  President obama could ask for stricter gun laws against law-abiding Americans and gut the Second Amendment, one of those “negative rights” he finds in the Constitution he hates. At this very moment, the FBI and the Justice Department are colluding to mislead the American public and Congress about the third weapon, found at the murder scene of  American Agent Brian Terry. (19) Trying to keep everyone from finding out they were complicit in his death through their misguided attacks on our Constitution.
    He really expects to be re-elected? They’d be better off if he resigned in favor of Hillary!
    What is his plan? (1)
  • Multi-Culturalism, American Style, or, Second Amendment Success!

    As recently stated by German Chancellor Merkle, French President Sarkozy and British Prime Minister Cameron, “multiculturalism,” is an abject failure.



    Unless a country is allowed to maintain its own identity, history and culture while allowing people to integrate, it leads to ethnic strife and death. Insisting that those joining their community share the same language and accept the culture of their new homes, does not mean the emigrants may not maintain their own culture in their personal dealings. It does not, in any way, denigrate the emigrants culture.

    It does, however, mean the blatantly obvious:

    “You have left your home country, and you are free and welcome in ours. As long as you learn our language and respect our laws, and the rights of our citizens to continue to run our government and our lives as though you never arrived on our shores, you are welcome. If you feel you cannot join and live within the parameters of the free culture you have arrived in, you have the same freedom to leave our shores as you had to come here. You do not have the right to try to change this country into anything.”

    No country can survive the Balknization created when weak-kneed politicians allow emigrants to set up their own cultural enclaves, complete with foreign justice systems and “No-go zones” for the host countries law enforcement.




    Only our Second Amendment has kept our government from forcing the same lawlessness and chaos upon us.

    When the French and British governments announced to their subjects, (a free, armed populace are citizens, an unarmed populace are subjects), they were allowing muslims to set up their own private enclaves, courts and all the rest, did the French and British subjects have any recourse?

    When the muslims were burning French cities and the police were letting them do it, night after night, did the subjects have any recourse?

    When the muslims rioted and killed people in countries all around the world over the accurate portrayal of mohammed, (may he rest in ham), in some cartoons,  did the attacked countries subjects have any recourse?


    Is there any reason, other than our second amendment, to explain their not rioting in the US? The cartoons were also published here.


    We have Mexicans claiming our country is theirs, (the racist group, La Raza), ignoring our laws at will, and muslims proudly proclaiming their intention to force the barbaric, shamefully savage seventh-century sharia law upon America.


    Eventually, one of these, or some other coddled, specially treated, isolated community, will take to the streets for one reason or another. Their special, “Politically Correct” status will lead them to think the time is right, and they will, as their terrorist compatriots in Europe, (AFL-CIO), try to destroy our cities.
    Many will never leave the streets,  and it will be the fault of the  “Multi-Culturalists”.
  • Will Biden Be Benched For Hillary?

    Is Hillary about to be drafted?
    obama is spiraling into the inevitability of a one-term presidency.
    His policies of appeasement around the world have caused the overthrow of the only middle-east regimes that either recognized Israel, or leaned just far enough toward the west that they could be counted on in tough times. The middle-east doesn’t reward weakness, and consider “negotiations” a victory for them, because their demands can never be met, if their negotiating partner still has room to exist.
    His destructive economic policies have led to government-created or subsidized jobs, which, according to the Weekly Standard, cost the taxpayer $278,000 each.
    His energy policy, to shut  energy and coal companies and make costs, “necessarily skyrocket,” is the only thing working as he promised. Gas is 100% more expensive since he became president, and coal companies are under attack.
    His raping of the financial system of this country, his collusion with the corrupt Federal Reserve, the Billions he has stolen from the taxpayers for secret payments to foreign banks, have helped destroy and keep down a now-struggling economy.
    The Democrat party will be able to run on having the most “failed catastrophicly ignorant and dangerous policies.”  Not a category soon to be rewarded by the majority of the American populace.
    So, under the heading of,  “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull$hit,” are we about to see a reshuffling of the ticket?
    Face it, Joe Biden brings nothing, zip, zero, nada to this ticket. Unless you count ridicule. Biden is the only person in the White House that manages to say more ignorant things than obama. (I think Biden knows what year it is, and how many States are in the Union…I think…) Even after obama announces his amnesty position to get the hispanic vote, he can’t win with his current demographics.
    obama and the dems have nothing going for them, but…THE BILL and HILLARY Show!
    Hillary would energize a lot of women, who would figure with Hillary as VP now, she’s the next President after obama. Many independents that were ready to support her last time would conceivably come home. Bill and Hillary are respected, on a “Rock Star” basis, both here in America and abroad. I do not agree with anything she says, but she still has a loyal base that would run to support her.
    Remember, the muslims are in revolt all around the world because of the weakness in the White House. Hillary would bring two things to the White House that are currently “conspicuous in their absence”:
    1) Memories of an economic policy that wasn’t self-destructing, and
    2) Testosterone! She has more than anyone currently in the White House.
    There is no past or future policy that will get obama re-elected, now might be the time for the old “razzle dazzle.”
    We have a tough climb, they’re going to pull out all the stops, they won’t give up without a fight.



  • obama’s Policy Working, Syrians Attacking Israel For Him

    obama’s Policy Working, Syrians Attacking Israel For Him

    In what may lead to Israel finally ridding itself of the human debris constantly threatening to push her into the sea, waves of terrorists, taking obamas recent remarks as permission, tried to overrun the Israeli border, and were thankfully pushed back.

    The only bad news is, they stopped before Israel was able to kill more than 20 or so of the terrorists. Where is the great muslim suicide mentality when you really need it? Israel was offering all takers 72 virgins, yet the muslim cowards turned tail to continue to survive to breath and terrorize another day.

    The head Iranian puppet in Syria, Basher al-Assad, sent the terrorists to get as many killed as possible, to see if Israel could reach his own numbers when it comes to killing his citizens. Knowing that obama is on his side, he was hoping that would get his own atrocious behavior out of the international spotlight.

    I’m hoping that this will lead to the death of any so-called “peace talks”. They are, and have been, nothing but a lie for 40 years.

    Netanyahu was absolutely correct in his lecture of the muslim appeaser obama. Israel has no intention, nor should there be any expectation on their part by others, of giving up their land, country, sovereignty or lives to the terrorists, either here in the White House, or surrounding her in the middle east.

    Our illegal attack on Libya with this new, unconstitutional, “obligation to protect,” was just the precurser to obama joining in an attack on Israel in the name of the Jordanians living in Gaza and the West Bank come September, when the UN tries to declare a terrorist state next door to them.

    What we are witnessing is an American President, using a position that once commanded respect and symbolized freedom and democracy, being turned into a presidential muslim rubber stamp.

    Fortunately, Netanyahu has more balls than obama has recently seen, or will ever possess.

    obamas world view, gleaned at the knee of his friends Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dorhn, Louis Farrakhan, his father(s), and his beloved pedophile mentor Frank Marshall Davis, did not envision dealing with anyone like Netanyahu.

    obama  can keep signaling his friends the road is clear to Jerusalem, but Netanyahu will show them it is a toll road, a heavily tolled road!



  • islamophobia- You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means…

    islamophobe definition: Anyone smart enough to realize that islam is NOT a religion, but a political system dependent on the barbaric sharia, which uses intimidation, violence and beheadings to force everyone into submission, (islam does not mean “peace”, it means “submission”). It is diametrically opposed to freedom, and is a threat to the existence of the United States.

    Americans have a right to protest peacefully about anything. We put up with Flag burners, artists who desecrate Christian symbols, KKK protests in the street and more. We have a God-given right to offend and be offended. Burning a bible or a koran wouldn’t turn most peoples head here. It may anger them as they pass the protester while on the way to the mall, but Americans don’t run home and start sharpening their cutlery.

    Seventh century savages born and trapped into the political system known as islam, who are killed should they decide to change faith, are another story.

    They demand tolerance, yet are the most intolerant people in the world, killing anyone that disagrees with them. Fatwas, or death penalties, are announced by imams and ayatollahs regularly, calling on muslims to kill those that commit the slightest offense against this backward dictatorship, even if it means a suicide mission for their followers. The imams and ayatollahs stay comfortably at home while this goes on, leaving uneducated fanatics to die for them, on the promise of 72 virgins in the afterlife.

    They are misogynists who consider women to be of less value then animals.

    islamic jihad is the group that declared war on the United States as soon as we became a country, killing and kidnapping our sailors, forcing them into slavery and demanding tribute to sail the seas safely. The Marines, (called “Leathernecks” because of the stiff leather collars protecting their necks from the swords utilized by most armies of the time), were utilized by President Jefferson, who said, “Millions for defense, not one penny for tribute”.

    They wish to implement sharia in the US, (as the imam at ground zero demands), and we actually have traitorous ignorami in our government,  our courts and our media, who support the idea.

    When they say, “islam is a religion of peace”, they mean that after they have subjugated, forcibly converted or killed all non-muslims, there will be peace.

    When cartoons of the pedophile mohammed were published around the world, these savages rioted and killed people in every country but America. They are cowards, who knew a free, armed populace in America would have dramatically reduced the number of muslims in the world, had they tried that excrement  here. How does that part of sharia  hold up to our freedom of speech? We have a President, other politicians and a war hero General, (Petraeus), telling us to throw out freedom of speech because these backward savages might kill Americans in protest of what they or other Americans say.

    The General, for whom up to now I have had tremendous respect, should take off the uniform if he no longer wishes to defend our Constitution.

    Voters will sweep out the appeasers in our government. When the up-to-now-invisible so-called moderate peaceful muslims protest, protect their rights and celebrate their foray into free speech. When any become violent, kill them until there are no more willing to throw a stone. They must be made to pay a price for their savagery, or we might as well convert to islam tomorrow, because they will not stop flying planes into buildings or beheading innocents until we do.

    Every American should arm themselves, and go burn a koran. When the fanatics come for violence, give it to them. We are Americans, no one tells us what we can or cannot do or say.

    We need to amend our Constitution to read, “Freedom of any religion that does not call for the subjugation, forced conversion or death of non-believers.” Give them six months to leave, and burn down all their mosques, grind the stones to sand, and ship it all back to their desert paradise.

    I am a proud islamophobe, communistophobe, marxistophobe, socialistophobe, pedophileophobe, misogynistophobe, and anything-else-that-is-out-to destroy-America-ophobe, including obamaophobe.
    Ron Reale