• Why Denuclearize The New Korea? Our Friends Can Have Nukes!

    When Kim was testing and shooting rockets, building his arsenal, the Russians and Chinese had no problem with him having nukes. On their border.

    Now that President Donald Trump has ended the Korean Conflict, I think a whole new tact need be followed. Let’s build up the new North. Show Kim the beauty of Capitalism. Let him grow his security as his countrymen get jobs, ability to feed their families, get healthy. Possibly a joint leadership deal with Moon over the rebuilding of a prosperous economy, helping the farmers in the four lowland areas modernize for efficiency and turn the mountains into the ski resorts of the world. Help them capitalize on their vast mineral rights.

    Over a few years, as Moon, Kim and President Trump solidify their relationships and become secure in their safety, bring the new Korea into NATO. Their people know what communism did to them. After a few years of freedom and capitalism, they will never go back.

    Whether they get into NATO or not, we could make treaties with Korea, similar to Taiwan. AND leave a free, America friendly, semi-capitalist nuclear armed country on the Russia/Chinese border.

    I don’t see why that shouldn’t be an option. President Trump is reorganizing the world stage, without bullets.

  • Anyone else notice President obama dropped the word “FREE” …?

    This evening, Tuesday, September 10, 2013, President obama gave a televised speech, a portion of which may explain his disdain for having to put up with alternative views. One line, in particular, struck me:

    “Our ideals and principles, as well as our national security, are at stake in Syria, along with our leadership of a world where we seek to ensure that the worst weapons will never be used.” (1)

    Really? President obama thinks America leads the world? That his position makes him “Leader of the World?”

    I’m sure the Chinese and Russians had a good laugh about that!

    I believe America was, and still is, “The Leader of the FREE world,” as we work with, and protect, the few semi-free peoples of the world, like England, Australia, Canada, etc. (Semi-free because they have no right to firearms for self-protection).

    America is not now, never has been, or made the ridiculous claim to be, the leader of the 180 or so countries run by dictators, monarchs, tyrants, communists or any of the other failed forms of government our enemies in the UN exist under.

    It is not our business to rescue one dictator to benefit another. No matter who is harmed by our weapons or actions, they have a family living by savage rules that will forever hold a grudge against America and Americans.

    The outrageous claim that He, The Leader of The World, can send missiles into another country on a limited basis, and that our involvement will remain limited because we say so first, is asinine and dangerously arrogant. Are we operating in a vacuum? Is there some guarantee that no one will respond against anyone, anywhere, anytime?

    Planes flew into our buildings and we sure as hell responded! If someone started lobbing missiles into America because weapons we sold somewhere killed children somewhere, would we retaliate?

    But boy-child President obama’s America can lob missiles and rain destruction down on another despots country. 100,000 deaths with conventional weapons have been ignored, but 1,400 have some red line on their method of death. obama gets to punish them! The Leader of The World. Maybe. He’s gonna think about it. He’ll get back to us, but for now, they exist solely at his whim. obama said so. The Leader has spoken!

    If he were a real President, and truly believed what he says, as soon as this gassing took place he would have given this speech, but ended it with this line, “for these and other reasons, I have given the order to fire upon targets in Syria to ensure that they, and by extension everyone, understand the ramifications of using these banned weapons. Good night, God bless you all, and God bless the Unites States of America.”

    The country would be split on his decision, but the world would know America had a real President.


    (1) http://washingtonexaminer.com/thats-what-makes-america-different-complete-text-of-obamas-syria-remarks/article/2535571

  • All Peoples of the World ARE NOT Our Responsibility, Mr. President!

    President obama just ended his call to action speech in the Rose Garden today, (Saturday, 8/31/13), with some questions for the American people’s Representatives in Congress.

    I can easily answer all of them, even though he twists and lies about our international treaty responsibilities.

    First, he asked about the “price Assad should pay” internationally for killing his own citizens. Sorry to be uncaring, but the military price is ZERO, NADA, NILCH, ZIP!

    If the world wants to isolate Syria, fine, but America has no business stepping between any terrorists trying to kill each other, in any way possible. As long as it does not cross the Syrian border, it is not an International problem.

    Second, I know of no treaties we have with anyone concerning the treatment of one nations subjects, and America’s responsibility to protect them from harm. Our treaties only come into effect when one group crosses INTERnational borders to attack our allies. Once again, obama twists the truth.

    China has always killed it’s peoples with impunity, whether Emperors building walls or Premieres building high-speed train lines obama admires so much. Tianneman Square, killing all but one child in every family. Not our problem.

    There is not one reason, with the exception of the fact that obama would be a hero to his people for bringing about the attacks on Israel that are sure to follow his illegal, unconstitutional proposed attack.

    While I am heartened by the fact that the boy-child President is going to Congress for the authority he would require, I have yet to see a time when the will of the American people stopped obama from doing as he pleased.

    As a matter of fact, Americans are being lied to, spied on, having property confiscated, going to jail to cover up obama’s crimes, and being set-up and prosecuted for the murders the Justice Department has committed on foreign soil. Our health care system has been stolen and destroyed by socialists who want to determine who lives and who dies, in the same manner that the IRS is deciding who lives and who dies in the political arena.


  • Barry and Moe, Different Countries, Same Ideals

    While President obama has been shown to have refused to publicly develop a personal relationships with any of the Middle East leaders, (1), at least there is one of them that thinks exactly as he does concerning the role of America in the world.
    Our current President, in what some say is the result of his immersion in anti-colonialism, (2), by his father’s writings and other mentor’s feelings concerning American and her ill-gotten position in the world, has set about to remove America from her leadership role in the world.
    His advisers have described this new role as “leading from behind.” (3)
    The President has denigrated American exceptionalism, (4), ignoring our progressing to lead the free world in 200 years where other countries could only stand in awe of our lifestyles, untold millions of their countrymen flocking to our shores.
    He has disdain for the Constitution, (5), and constantly attacked American’s right to free speech if it offended himself or any non-Christian. He should be attacking the barbarity and insanity of anyone attacking anyone for something said or written about anyone or anything, period. Standing up for freedom of speech for all at all times, as it is only through an open exchange of ideas that progress is made. Instead, our President attacks Americans living freely under their Constitution, enjoying their God-given rights. (6)
    Meanwhile, his philosophical mirror image stood before the United Nations and called for a reorganization of the world order, one without American ideals anywhere to be seen. Calling for America’s role in the world to be scaled back, her influence to be reduced to the same stature as the savage sharia-ruled insults to civilization he and his American-paid Muslim Brotherhood death agents run.  (7)
    He and other “leaders” in that part of the world are all for censoring what Americans may say or do.  (8)
    Our President runs a government where muslims control the training of Law Enforcement agents, scrubbing all techniques used to find islamist terrorists, or even the very mention of their existence. A government that called a fanatical islamist terrorist attack at Fort Hood by self-proclaimed “Soldier of God,” Col. Hassan, as “workplace violence.” (9)
    Our President is a coward or an accomplice.
    He is either afraid of the Muslim Brotherhood, and is trying to buy our security by delivering to the Muslim Brotherhood whole countries and billions of American taxpayer dollars, (even while their still determined to destroy America); or, he is a willing accomplice to feeding the Muslim Brotherhood whole countries and billions of American taxpayer dollars, hoping for their complete takeover of the region and destruction of Israel and her ties to America.
    In any event, our President has very much in common with the Iranian President.
    The only visible difference is that the Iranian madman has no compunction about telling the truth of his plans, while our madman lies every time he opens his mouth,and utilizing a wall of lawyers, hides everything about himself and his radical anti-American beliefs from the American citizens.
  • Plan B…

    Now that Sec. of State Hillary Clinton has turned down obama’s offer to replace Vice President Biden, obama is left with but one move to remain President, and it will cost hundreds of thousands of lives.
    Had Hillary switched with Biden, obama would have had a chance to win the election. A hell of a lot more of a chance than as it now stands. He has done everything he thought “the people” wanted, but he has been forced to realize that his “people” are the occupiers, the true 1%. If that.
    obama is watching the Presidency slip away from him.
    His fellow Constitution-hating marxists and socialists, along with his union communist thugs, are a noisy minority that bullied it’s way to the front of the class, only to be discovered in the light of day and identified as the enemy within. A noisy, inconsiderate, vile, crude, bought-and-paid-for by the White House, enemy within.
    We see them, we know what they are, and we are leading them to a Reaganesque-type slaughter.  A slaughter sponsored by a love we have of Capitalism and Freedom, a love that can only exist unrestrained in the brilliant creation of our forefathers, protected by their Constitution. You know, the one obama found so distateful in his quest for a Chavez-style dictatorship in a stripped down, collapsing America.
    No, the only avenue to victory left him is to start a war. He won’t want it to end too quickly, as it has to last at least until the election, and seem like it can last longer.
    I can see him waiting until about a month before the election, and then attacking Iran. More than likely, he will do it by attacking Israel and creating a high death toll, leaving Iran’s fingerprints on the attack. That will officially draw us into a conflict, during which obama will allow for as much death and destruction to reign on Israel as he can possibly allow, satisfying his Muslim Brotherhood counterparts.
    All the while sending unarmed American observers, or soldiers without ammunition or permission to engage the enemy to the area to be killed and kidnapped, satisfying his Muslim Brotherhood counterparts.
    Of course, the media will play him up as a daring war President, sensitive to other cultures, and rally for his retention “during a time of war!”
  • Random Thoughts…

    Random Thoughts…
    The recent uproar from America haters like the ACLU, and America-is-the-evil-of-the-world advocate Ron Paul made me shake my head in confusion.
    American citizenship is one of the easiest thing in the world for a free person to receive. You sign up, get on the list, and, unless you’re a mass murderer or criminal, after a while, you get your citizenship. All you are asked to do is renounce any allegiance to any other country, or documents, and live by our founding documents. If you are born here, you are automatically a citizen, but there is nothing in the law stating that you must remain a citizen as long as you live.
    Like our borders, no one is forced to stay here, or stay a citizen. You want to leave the country? LEAVE! You want to renounce your citizenship, DO IT!
    It would seem to make sense that if all one must do to come here and be a citizen is apply for it, and observe, preserve and protect our constitution, that if one leaves the country and renounces America, her values and founding documents as evil, and states a desire to destroy America and her citizens, and actively takes part in plots to kill Americans and harm or destroy America, one surrenders their American citizenship of their own volition, automatically. Their pursuit of happiness does not give them the freedom to end all others similar pursuits, nor protect their attempts to do so in an American court of law, with Constitutional protections.
    Just as our Declaration of Independence was written for Americans, as a statement from Americans defining their new country, and not a declaration that all peoples of the world were free men with equal rights, our citizenship is not sacrosanct and all encompassing.
    Those that wish to destroy our lives, our constitution and the freedoms associated with it, are not protected by our constitution because of their disbelief in it! The instant they take action against the interests of America, and publicly state a desire to kill free Americans because they are free Americans, they obviously should be stripped of our legal protections.
    Herman Cain is going to make a great President, because he does not believe he knows everything, but he knows how to accumulate knowledge from others, assimilate that knowledge, and use it to his advantage. His business sense and lack of obligation to any political base will serve to make America first in the world, the leader in all fields, once again. A true CEO accepts nothing less.
    Chris Christie is not a Republican, and, according to reports today, (Tuesday, 10/4/2011), he will not pollute the republican primary system with his duplicity and lies, thank God.
    Why has there been no push back against Al Queada from Ron Paul and the “Truthers?” They know America caused 9/11. Are they going to allow Al Queada to publicly take credit for what they know George Bush did?
    Just wonderin’…
  • NASCAR Drivers “Too Busy” To Visit With Auto Industry Destroying President. (DUH!)

    There is an article, (1), today, (Sept. 2, 2011), in something called the SB Nation, about a Presidential invitation extended to a group of NASCAR drivers, and bemoaning the fact that 5 of the group have declined the invitations, citing scheduling conflicts.

    The writer, a Mr. Jeff Gluck, is beside himself, stating in a snarky manner that these drivers must be very busy, not to want to meet with the leader of the “Free World”, and implying they should do so regardless of political affiliation.

    He states that any sponsors or other appointments they may have should be rescheduled, because, (and he uses italics because he is SOOO right), we’re talking about the president of the United States.

    Mr. Gluck goes so far as to throw the Patriotism of NASCAR as a whole into the mix, claiming a reaction like this from American citizens is, in his word, “strange.”

    Lets address some of this. Pay attention now, Mr. Gluck:

    You think any Americans, regardless of how they feel about a president that is the antithesis of what they feel, should allow themselves to be used as puppets to help the president that is the antithesis of how they feel, get elected.

    You think, as this Royal president thinks, that his mere initiating a meeting with Americans, whether they be unelected citizens, like NASCAR drivers, or elected representatives, like Congress, should immediately be met with total acquiescence, or you cast aspersions on their patriotism.

    Mr. Gluck, no President has the authority, (as we have just seen with this presidents attempt to bully a co-equal branch of Government into a meeting when they had other plans), (2), to order any citizen to appear, or should have the expectation that any citizen has an obligation to appear, because he has invited them, or planned a meeting without consulting them.

    Certainly, no citizen has an obligation to stand next to someone who over the last 2 years, has done everything he can to destroy the industry they depend on for their livelihood.

    You see, Mr. Gluck, NASCAR represents success, not failure. GM is a failed union retirement industry, making cars on the side, cars that no one wants,  leading them to the brink of a (deserved) bankruptcy.

    No winner wants to be seen with a person that rewards failure.

    Now, I’m not saying that any of this is why they turned down the invitation of president obama. This is all conjecture on my part.

    Maybe they just don’t want to be used in campaign photo ops as “token southerners.” That wasn’t right when blacks were used that way in the past, and shouldn’t be expected of NASCAR drivers, today.

    As to your observation that seems to say that they should accept because this is from The Office Of The Presidency, well, I bet if they wait for this president to go on the road, they would be happy to visit the Presidencial Office, for which I’m sure they have an abundance of respect.

    (1)     http://www.sbnation.com/nascar/2011/9/1/2399376/nascar-drivers-decline-president-barack-obama-white-house-invitation-jimmie-johnson-2011#add-comment

    (2)     http://www.akronnewsnow.com/news/politics/item/2704-boehner-rejects-obama%E2%80%99s-request-for-joint-session-president-reschedules

  • Main Stream Media NOT The Voice Of The GOP!

    So the Main Stream Media has decided an anti-gun, pro-choice politician, a  “comprehensive” border policy supporter who will not jail owners that hire illegals, a man that believes in Man-made global warming, practices what to some is a “strange” religion, wants gays in the Boy Scouts and the military, who thinks muslims can be convinced to change to democracy without the military, and wants the government to mandate citizens to purchase health care, is acceptable Presidential material.

    I’m not talking about the current President they love so much, barack hussein obama. No, I’m speaking about their newest crush, Mitt Romney.

    They are bending over backwards to keep Romney the front-runner, the “obvious” choice for the GOP, because he is almost obama. The media needs to ensure that whoever the GOP nominates be a pale comparison of what we have now, so they can claim, (after Romney gets the nod), “why vote for him, when obama is giving you all that and more!”

    Once again, the GOP is relegated to putting up the “next in line”. It didn’t work for Dole; they tried again with obamas mini-me, McCain, and it would’ve been an obama landslide had McCain not picked Palin for VP. The only reason the election was as close as it was, was because people, me included, held their noses and voted McCain, figuring, (never hoping, that is too much), he’d die before he did as much damage as obama, or he himself wanted, and a Conservative would become President.

    The only way the MSM can cover for the current embarrassment is to ensure that whoever the GOP puts up, there is little or no contrast with him.

    The scenario they fear the most, and are struggling to avoid, is someone like Cain, Bachmann, Palin, or their REAL fear, Rick Perry, standing on the stage with obama, contrasting their Pro-America ideals with his America-needs-to-apologize-for-existing-mentality.

    Neither obama, nor any of his advisors, know anything of the real world. They are theoreticians, academics who have never held a job, nor created a job, nor run a business. Herman Cain alone has more business experience than all of the obama administration officials put together! The stark contrast between a pro-business, pro-growth, America first candidate, and what we have now, would be striking. The MSM’s job is to keep that contrast from the public eye.

    obama wants abortion on demand, all unwanted children dead, and if they survive the first attempt to kill them in the womb, murder them in the hospital.

    Bachmann has 23 foster children, a fact I was ignorant of until just recently.

    Yeah, that’s a debate they want to see! (NOT!)

    I have been watching the continued attacks on Rick Perry, (GASP, he asked people to PRAY with him!), trying to ensure a discomfort level to keep him out of the race.

    I could see Perry running, Palin supporting him to the nomination, and Mark Rubio for VP.







  • The New Amendments (I can dream, can’t I?)

    Posted by realetybytes on Saturday, April 26, 2008 5:10:48 PM

    Over the past few years, the Supreme Court and Congress have behaved in such a breathtakingly arrogant way that it has become necessary for a redefinition of terms and meanings, (original intent, if you will), to keep such bastardization of our Constitution from happening again.
    WE THE PEOPLE hereby define and amend, as such:
    1) The job of the Supreme Court shall be to base all decisions on matters before them on their interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. Any Supreme Court decision not based on cited passages of the Constitution (and/or the Federalist Papers in a search for original intent), shall not be considered a basis of American law. Any Supreme Court Justice insisting on wasting the time of the court with foreign law references shall be open to impeachment and removal from the Court.
    2) The Supreme Court has no standing in Foreign Treaties or the interpretation thereof. That is the sole perogotive of the President (Executive branch negotiates) and the Congress (Legislative branch ratifies). When the Supremes can find American Civil Rights for terrorists in the Geneva Convention, which clearly states that terrorists out of uniform and fighting and hiding amongst any civilian population should be immediatly executed, they, (the Supremes), become more dangerous to us than the terrorists.
    (2012 EDITORS NOTE: This is technically incorrect. As no terrorist organizations are signatories to the Geneva Conventions, any country is free to protect themselves from non-uniformed fighters amongst their civilian populations in any manner they see fit. Sorry for the Mistake. RR)
    3) The Declaration of Independence did not free the world and bestow upon it  American Rights. WE THE PEOPLE meant the citizens of this new country. Anyone that thinks our forefathers were for open borders, or bestowing citizenship on anyone who got here has never read their writings. All men are created equal was a statement meant to define American values. In our country, we believe all men are created equal. Obviously, even the British, who originally brought slavery to the Americas, with their system of Lords and such, did not believe this. When we broke with the British, our Declaration did not bring equality to the world, just the people, (citizens), of a new country, America. It may not have been a perfect system, we had to endure slavery for the first 79 years of our existence, but the framework was laid to create, ” a more perfect union”, and we lost 500,000 citizens in the civil war standing up for that principle. Just climbing a fence or otherwise breaking into this country does not a citizen make. No person has American civil rights but the citizens of this country.
    Human rights, yes. No one can be abused because they are not citizens, but they sure can be thrown in jail and well fed until they are thrown out of the country.
    4) Automatic citizenship shall be granted all children born to citizens whether in this country or traveling, and people who are here legally waiting for their application process to be a citizen to conclude. Should the parents for some reason be ineligible for citizenship, the childs citizenship shall be stripped.
    5) Except in the case of severe emergency or imminent death, no non-citizen has any right to Government funded health care or any other services, except in cases where we have reciprocal deals with a Government to treat their citizens as they treat ours, or some arrangement has been made to bill the foreignors Government.
    6) If and when a judge finds a law deficient, the judges job is done. They may not put a remedy in its place. The law must go back to the legislature to be corrected. No suggestions from the court shall be entertained, as they are not our representatives, and it would be a breach of ethics for them to overstep their bounds and take the authority granted elected representatives.
    7) Private property being the underpinning of our capitalist system, the use of Emminent Domain to take a persons property and give it to a private or commercial entitiy to raise more taxes is reprehensible. That is bribery. (Psst, hey judge, get me that property and I’ll pay your boss more money than that poor, hard working citizen can!) That is disgusting, and every case that has been granted should be immediatly reversed, by Executive Order, if neccessary.
    8) Every able American has the right to bear arms. Our right to defend ourselves against any person or Government that seeks to harm us is absolute. This has nothing to do with hunting.
    9) If a convict kills someone and is not found insane, then it is not cruel or unusual to kill them in the same manner they killed their victims, because upon conviction, all civil rights are stripped, and they are property of the government. Whether they feel pain or not at the time of death is irrelevant.
    10) The U.S. Census shall consist of one question- How many people live in your house? Every other question fosters discrimination and is used to divide Americans.