• Bill O’Reilly NOT “Looking Out For YOU!”

    Where is the Bill O’Reilly “looking out for you?”

    Last night, 4/11/13, in a diatribe I feel was not new to O’Reilly, he actually postulated that gun registration of responsible citizens would reduce gun crime by criminals. Even when it was pointed out that none of the recent shootings would have been stopped by his dangerous sophomoric suggestion, he stood fast.

    He points to Chicago, claiming gun registration would help, because if a criminal was caught in a(n unconstitutional) “stop and frisk” with an unregistered gun, they’d be charged. It’s already illegal for these gangbangers to have guns. Laws won’t work if  not applied, and Chicago does not apply the laws already on the books (1).  How would another law matter to people with no respect for the live’s of others? Take the guns out of Chicago and every other progressive nightmare city and the death will go on.

    There are over 310 million guns in America, as of 2009 (2), why are the guns only killing people in Chicago, Detroit, Washington, DC and other Progressive enclaves?

    No, the only way to lower the death rate is to impact the life of the criminal to such an extent that it is no longer worthwhile to pick up the weapon.

    A mandatory 5/10/20/DEATH system of PUNISHMENT OF CRIMINALS will work much better than a punitive, unconstitutional registration of the legal weapons owned by responsible citizens.

    If caught with a weapon you’re not legally allowed to own or carry, you go to a work farm for 5 years. No one in the community has to register their weapons.

    If you brandish a legal or illegal weapon in the commission of a crime, you go to jail for 10 years. No one in the community has to register their weapons.

    If you fire a legal or illegal weapon in the commission of a crime, and any type of mental or physical trauma or injury is experienced by anyone, you go to jail for 20 years. No one in the community has to register their weapons.

    If you are convicted on any level of voluntary murder, you are put to death, publicly, at high noon, in an outdoor field in the community of your crime.

    It is time to celebrate the removal of the killers from our midst, and educate and save the survivors. It is time to stop punishing others for the actions of a rising progressive cult.

    Progressive doctrine has cheapened the lives of others in the eyes of captives born into the failed liberal experiments these anti-American “rulers” have condemned them to. They are the fatherless children of government entitlement, getting everything they need from others, watching babies being disposed of in record numbers through abortions, being indoctrinated with self-esteem education.

    Nothing short of the GUARANTEED threat of their losing their own freedom will make them think twice about pulling the trigger, or even picking up the gun.

    Nothing short of attending a public execution celebrating the victory over evil by the community will start teaching a respect for the equality of the lives of others.


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  • A Win For Wilson And LBJ, A Loss For The World

    Woodrow Wilson and LBJ’s progressive racist mentality won the election. The same racist progressive mentality that brought an end to a rising black middle class, the same racist progressive mentality that tore apart black families by paying women to have babies if they threw out the man of the house, leading to the current rate of 70% single parent households in the black community, (and generations of families trapped in welfare, their children never knowing their fathers, destined to be uneducated criminals and drug addicts as a direct result) (1). The same racist progressive mentality telling the black community they’re not able or expected to succeed, so don’t bother trying, we’ll support your failures, (never more evident than in the new Dade County school curriculum, where blacks are now being told they are not going to be held to equal standards because of their obvious inferiority and inability to learn compared to the rest of the counties children (2)).

    The first black President, (a truly remarkable feat in this supposedly racist country), has been an unmitigated failure. The economy is on the brink of collapse, while he and his progressive cohorts do every thing they can to push it over. Unemployment is unacceptably high, and will continue to grow in the coming year. Investments in American business are at a standstill due to the coming punishing taxes and redistributive policies of this man (3). Full-time work has been defined as 30 hours a week by the federal government, causing companies to reduce to 29 their employees hours, to avoid paying health benefits or a draconian penalty per employee (4). More people are being forced to turn to government to exist, as obama collapses the job market (5). Our deficit has been increased beyond that of all of his predecessors combined, with our children and grandchildren being sold into bondage to pay for it (6). Women are losing jobs at never before seen rates (7). The Middle East and North Africa have been surrendered to our greatest enemy in that region, the Muslim Brotherhood, in a failed attempt at outreach to our enemies. American dollars and arms have helped propel our mortal enemy to power, and continues to support them to the tune of billions a year (8)(9). American embassies in hostile countries are left with unarmed Marines, (10) or, even more incredibly, security contracts with suspect foreigners or even Al Quada (11)! When the obvious result occurs, even with help from numerous sources readily available within an hour, American diplomats and military are left to die pleading for help for more than five hours, with this man and his government WATCHING! A General within striking distance with the means to provide assistance was arrested and removed from duty for attempting to disobey an order from this government to stand down and let Americans die (12).

    Yet, since the progressive racist Democrat President Woodrow Wilson acted upon the Democrat party’s founding beliefs and segregated the federal government and the military in the early 1900’s, the Democrat party has always believed and acted like blacks are not capable of success. Failures are ignored in the Progressive liberal community, as blacks were never expected, (by them), to succeed(13).

    If anyone is insulted by what they read here, welcome to the club! I am insulted that any of my friends are treated in such a manner. I am insulted that anyone in the country looks at my co-workers in this manner. I am insulted by the demeaning of any American at the hands of another.

    I am certainly insulted when the future of the country and the peace of the world are sacrificed on the alter of racist Progressive policies.

    In the upside down racist world of Progressives, a blacks failures are proof of their Progressive beliefs, and those failures must be supported.

    Before you dismiss this entirely, ask yourself a question:

    If this, (and the rest of his failures I had not room to mention), were the record of a white President of either party, would he have been re-elected?

    Even die-hard Progressive Jimmy Carter couldn’t get re-elected, and except for their skin color, their records and beliefs are almost identical.

    Progressives have convinced liberals that failure is a resume enhancement, as long as it is black failure.


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  • Facebook/Twitter Amusing The Masses On Our Road To Destruction

    FACEBOOK and TWITTER are technological slums swirling along in a sea of narcissism, designed to take the thought out of living, and slice life into in 30 second increments through the views of others; designed to distract people into believing they’re living the lives they’re designing on-line, designed to keep Oprah type petty trash information flowing and controlling the news cycle, keeping only the most mindless of thoughtless drivel in the news, while opening the private lives of users to rapists, pedophiles, identity theft and more. (1) (2) (3)
    A more perfect vehicle could not have been invented in the fight for the “undecided” 20% of the people.
    The concerned American citizens involved, whether on the Left or Right, have made up their minds, based on the facts they choose to follow, concerning the seriousness of the situations this country faces.
    Too ignorant to use their own minds, or too selfish and inconsiderate of both their civic duties and fellow citizens, there are those that, with an air of feigned indifference and superiority, call themselves “moderates” and “independents.” They think of themselves smugly, Jon Stewart or Bill Mahers latest gag still in their mind.
    These people should be ignored. They abrogate their decisions to the Daily Show news cycle, either too cowardly to stand up to their responsibilities as a citizen and actually make a decision, or too ignorant to understand how, due to the purposeful mis-education the government has forced upon them.
    They are no more capable of making a serious decision about the future of this country than the so-called high school grad down at McDonalds is capable of making change of a dollar without a machine to tell them the amount.
    Which is why the left loves FACEBOOK and TWITTER.
    They are the final step in our assimilation, and many of us did not resist. We welcomed it. Look at our children. They are not individuals any longer. They are tied to the computer in their hand, forever linked to the collective, believing only what the collective deems true, accepting only what the collective offers, demonizing that which the collective wants destroyed.
    Now imagine how THEIR children will be wired. Eyepieces worn 24 hours? Implants?
    No individual thought now, children, just type your life out and read about others ideas, no thought necessary, tomorrow is another mindless day on which others will be making your decisions.
    We are BORG.
    Never thinking for themselves, the independents and moderates are always the first voices to give in to any idea paving the way for a complete societal breakdown, because they are so willing to give their minds to whoever or whatever they think everyone else likes…today.
  • Imam McCain Throws Support To Muslim Brotherhood

    I’m watching Fox News Sunday this Memorial Day, 5/27/12, listening to the great “Progressive” icon of the right, Senator John McCain, whine about the failure of America to protect some Middle East terrorists from other Middle East terrorists in Syria. Following up his disgraceful support, (along with that of  S.of S. Clinton and President obama), of the Muslim Brotherhood takeovers in Libya and Egypt, he is near apoplectic in our failure to fight terrorist’s battles for them.
    I would like to ask this great “Progressive” icon of the right, Senator John McCain, what our upside has been in Libya and Egypt? We are now funding our avowed enemies, an organization dedicated to destroying America from both within and without. We are still giving over a billion dollars a year to Egypt. We give hundreds of millions of dollars to the PLO.
    Why does he think America would get any benefit from different terrorists killing muslims, in place of Syria’s Assad? The ignorance or purposeful mendacity of those that try to defend what is happening in the Middle East, and our funding and support for it, proclaiming it is in some way a march towards “Freedom and Democracy,” is staggering!
    Once again, the teachers unions and forced failure of the education system has come to the rescue of the radical anti-Americans running this administration.
    The Main Stream Media can throw around the word “democracy” about what is happening, like “democracy” is a good thing! Majority mob rule is not something we should be supporting, anywhere in the world.
    I am grateful to the military man, John McCain, for his past actions in defense of this nation.
    I am disgusted by the politician, Senator John McCain, for his campaign of ignorance and propaganda on behalf of America’s most vociferous and active enemies, the Muslim Brotherhood.
    My God, this embarrassment to the Senate, the great “Progressive” icon of the right, Senator John McCain, actually just stopped the conversation to remind Americans and the world that there are, “grades of Muslim Brotherhood!”
    Well said, Imam McCain, I’m sure your lies have them dancing in the aisles at CAIR, the terrorist organization founded by the Muslim Brotherhood, and equally dedicated to destroying America. They spend millions of dollars trying to spread the lies you just spouted.
    I noticed, Senator McCain, you didn’t mention where we could go to find the new rules of some of the “grades of the Muslim Brotherhood,” you know, where they call off their plan to destroy America.
    You gave no names of so-called “moderate” members of the Muslim Brotherhood willing to stand up next to you, Imam John McCain, and state they are willing to live with a free, non-muslim America in the world.
    More proof that “Progressives” are the biggest threat to America.
    Alan West was right, but they are not all in the Progressive Caucus, or solely on the left.
    Let Syria burn, until as many as possible are dead.
    When whoever wins wins, if they prove they truly want to be our friends, help them. If not, let them, too, self-destruct. It should never have been our business to feed or defend, or monetarily support, our enemies.
    Have a thoughtful Memorial Day, and consider what we as a nation will be asking our future soldiers to die for under the choices we will make for them. Elections have consequences on more than just the price of gas.
    Never be afraid to shake the hand and thank our uniformed military citizens when you have a chance.
  • It’s Not ALL Their Fault!

    Are Americans going to remember all the Republicans that helped craft a debt-ceiling policy that purposely gave the obama administration and the progressive liberals the power to destroy our military?

    When will we  hold accountable all the liars and cowards on the right?

    Why do we allow any politician to abrogate their responsibility to other individuals, or an unanswerable, at times unelected, “committee’ or “commission?”

    We elect representatives to do the job of making decisions. When these chickenshit, powerhungry turds decide making the right decision might be tough, or even cost them (what they think is their lifetime appointment) their job, they run out and give their authority, which we bestowed upon them through virtue of our sacred vote, to a corrupt panel of highly paid insiders.

    When the left wanted to decimate the military and close bases, they knew they would have trouble, so they turned to “base closing commissions”, (1) so they could claim their hands were clean while communities and our military were damaged.

    In the run-up to the Iraq war, the Congress, in which sole authority to declare war resides constitutionally, knowing the problems we faced, and having voted unanimously under Clinton to remove Saddam Hussein, instead of voting for war, they voted for HJR 114, (2) in what seems to be an outrageously unconstitutional act, a resolution giving the President the right to go to war, AT HIS DISCRETION.

    Of course, as soon as Bush used his newly created power, he was attacked from all sides by the cowards that gave him their authority. Hillary Clinton had the stones to claim that she should not be held accountable for her vote, because it didn’t mean what it said. Even though her husbands administration had called for war with Iraq years before Bush did, and she gave strong support to HJR114. (3)

    Now we’ve had a debt raising showdown, replete with conservative cowards, like John Boehner, who had no problem giving up Americas defense for the sake of looking bi-partisan. Instead of standing up for what Americans know was right, Boehner made a deal that was guaranteed to fail, because failure gave the progressive enemies what they have always wanted, the gutting of the military. (4)

    Thankfully, being the liars and cheats they are, they left a 14 month period of time between the failure and the implementation of the trigger. During this time, we will hear the soon-to-be-removed president rail against Republicans for causing this problem. Never mind that his party has not passed a constitutionally required budget for over two years.

    With the awakening of the TEA party, whose long, apathetic nap led to these problems, we should be able to elect adults with more realistic solutions.

    It won’t happen if we keep re-electing the cowards that put us here. While you’re drinking your TEA, look at the past record of your representative, not just what he did this last year to make you feel good. Look at the totality of their votes, the ones they took right after being elected, the ones they figure you forgot.

    And try not to fall asleep again.


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  • Dear Ann: Will Conservatives Vote For An Anti-gun, Global Warming Advocate, An Open Border, Abortion Flip-Flopper, OR, Where Is The Real Ann Coulter, And Why Is She Allowing Her Imposter To Back A RINO In Her Name?

    Will Conservatives Vote For An Anti-gun, Global Warming Advocate, An Open Border, Abortion Flip-Flopper, OR…Where Is The Real Ann Coulter, And Why Is She Allowing Her Impostor To Back A RINO In Her Name?

    Dear Ann, are you kidding?

    Christie is for gun control. (1)

    Christie says he is NOW anti-abortion, (check back tomorrow, who knows!), (2). After hearing HIS childs heartbeat, (or polling the kid), he changed his position. Never mind all the other peoples children he helped kill. That doesn’t count, in his mind.

    He believes Illegal Aliens are not a problem, or “illegal.” Supports obama against Arizona, or any other state trying to defend themselves against the illegal onslaught the Federal Government has reigned down upon them. (3)

    His position on Man-Made Global Warming rivals obama, Romney and Newt. Against all evidence, he just came out against Fracking, instead of leading the fight with the facts. (4)

    Since your arrival on the political scene, Ann, I have backed and fully supported every one of your positions. That fact alone convinced me you were brilliant! Imagine my surprise at hearing your doppelganger repeatedly call for this Northeast Liberal to be the savior of the Republican party.

    You must have some secret plan to get him into the race, just to out all his fellow Rino supporters in the Republican party, and somehow humiliate them and marginalize them in the next election. Is that it, Ann? Do you want to give the TEA Party patriots a clear view of his supporters, to make it easier to target, (yeah, I said target, I don’t care what Politically Correct imbeciles think it means), them for defeat?

    Please Ann, enlighten us. You must have heard the criticisms. You must know his past and current liberal progressive positions. Just because he fought with a few unions, doesn’t a conservative make.

    Or are you slipping over to the dark side?

    (1)     http://sayanythingblog.com/entry/chris-christie-is-anti-guns/

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  • The Death Of Bi-Partisanship!

    I hope, at this point, we can all agree that the greatest enemy to our Representative form of government is “Bi-partisanship.”  After this recent debate over the raising of the Debt Limit, and the successful screwing of the taxpayer yet again, it is clear that “Bi-partisanship” just leads to deals being made so egotistic politicians can say they made a deal.

    I, for one, do not want my Congressional Representative, the person I picked to speak for me in Washington due to their stated beliefs, to give up those beliefs for the Politically Correct label of “Bi-partisan.”

    I don’t want someone who claims to be for smaller government and less spending, to agree with a plan, in my name, that spends 5 times more, in one day, than the spread-over 10 years, never gonna happen anyway, proposed cuts.

    We have just handed obama and his America-hating progressive compatriots in the government, on both sides of the aisle, what they have wanted for the last hundred years. An automatic mechanism, attached to a bill designed to collapse the economic system, that will also decimate the military.

    All the progressives have to do is hold up this “Special Committee” in Congress, (read: committee set up to cover the asses of cowardly politicians who refuse to stand up and make the hard decisions they were elected too make). By refusing to cut anything from their sacred cow entitlements, they will ensure the completion of their grand plan.

    It is up to the voters to continue the fight we started last election cycle. At this point, many Independent voters are realizing these current economic policies have not worked, either here or anywhere in the world, at any time in history. Even many Democrat voters realize this country is on the way to financial disaster without radical changes in policy.

    This is why Senator John Kerry, D., MA, (who, I believe, served in Viet Nam), finds it necessary to call for the censorship of ideas HE thinks are so incorrect, no one should face the potential harm they cause…(like getting 87 new people into one House of Congress).

    We need to keep our principles, and elect those that do the same. Better no deal, on ideological lines of principle, than an ethically challenged, morally bankrupt bastardization of the principles of both sides, resulting in deals no principled person of either side believes in, and further eroding our faith in our own citizen-government’s ability to exist within the parameters of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, created by and for “We The People,” and not, “We The Rulers.”





















  • Why They Hate Her So! Part 1



    Sarah Palin.
    Two words, seemingly harmless until recently. Palin had no meaning at all before 2008. Not so, today.
    Today, those same words strike fear and hatred into the hearts of the Main Stream Media, progressive liberals, and America’s enemies around the world.
    Why? What is it about Sarah Palin that makes them so crazy? How can they continue to attack when they themselves have been proven wrong by her, over and over, and the country as a whole recognizes the stupidity and inherent misogynistic unfairness of their desperate attacks against her and her family?
    It’s easy. It is the same virulent bias the left attacks any black person with, if they should become successful without government handouts, or, gasp, become a conservative.
    They hate her because she does not need them, period. They need her, and that offends them. They think it is up to them to direct the path of politicians and the country as a whole. They will decide the issues, and to whom we should listen and for whom we should vote .
    Until Sarah.
    Look at how the MSM cried when Sarah didn’t play their game, and actually practiced her God-given right to free travel and went on a bus trip. The complaints from the so-called media, because Sarah wouldn’t give them an itinerary, or tell them anything in advance about her plans, ruined their chance to shape the message as to just how stupid she was today. No, they were forced to actually do their jobs, and go get the story…the story from someone they think is an ignorant fool, with no redeeming value as a political speaker or candidate, other than to be a danger to America…but they have to follow her!
    Why? If she is as stupid as they say, why not ignore her? Why not go prop up the Rinos and pinkos they want, instead of following this woman, keeping her in their crosshairs, marked for destruction?
    Because Sarah Palin could completely redefine a campaign, and run and win, without ever talking to them. Ronald Reagan went right to the people when the media tried to define him. She could continue to run from wherever she is, using just her name. Without them biting at her heels, she can roll around the country, and every time she speaks on a subject, the other candidates will be forced to answer her issues.
    If the MSM fools really wanted to hurt her, they would just stop covering her at all…but they won’t, which proves Sarah Palin knows more about their business, and America’s need to have a clear voice this election, than they do.